PVMS Software Product Editions

Perspective VMS® scales from an enterprise-level video management software down to a product edition just right for the project with a limited scope, which means users experience scalable and flexible software.

PVMS Express Product Edition

PVMS Express Edition

Perspective VMS® Express is a scaled down version of the enterprise edition. Because of this, PVMS Express product edition is designed for small projects with a limited scope in a single-site deployment.



  • The PVMS Express product edition allows up to 10 camera licenses.
  • The browser-based client application is built exclusively as an HTML5 rich application. This makes it easy to stream live or recorded video to any workstation via the web browser.
  • PVMS mobile apps are available for Android and iOS devices providing easy access even when you’re on the move.
  • The camera dock allows drag & drop camera viewing from the map module. That makes the custom map interactive with dynamic navigation.
  • Map camera icons will pop-up live video from the associated camera. This provides a heads up view in the maps module.
  • Users can access the global search to find cameras names, map names, user-defined details, or any other metadata stored in Perspective VMS®.
  • Users can create a user-defined scan of camera views called Multi-view sequencing. This makes it easy for end-users to schedule cameras to rotate for an automated, rotational display.
PVMS Standard Product Edition

PVMS Standard Edition

Perspective VMS® Standard Edition adds many valuable advanced features. PVMS Standard is for projects with a medium scope. This means mid-tier projects which incorporate a few sites and need centralized management at a budget-friendly price point are an ideal fit. Access Control integration is included for 3rd party software.


  • Up to 100 camera licenses are available in the Perspective VMS® Standard product edition.
  • Video tagging enables bookmarking of video, cameras, or events. Of course, tags are searchable within the global search tool.
  • The action panel incorporates event and alarm notification into PVMS Standard Edition. With this, users have heads up to alerts.
  • Even better, this collaboration tool allows you to share a camera view, recorded video, or tags with other users. That helps to maximize user efficiency.
  • Neighboring cameras associates every camera with nearby camera locations, grouping them for quick navigation. This allows users to monitor activity through a site either in live video mode or when reviewing recorded video.
  • Multi-site locations may connect cameras to central storage for true remote capabilities. Many sites can now be accessed through the network no matter how far away they may be.
PVMS Enterprise Product Edition

PVMS Enterprise Edition

Perspective VMS® Enterprise Edition is designed as an enterprise level tool with features based directly on customer input. Meaning, we actually listen when customers talk. PVMS Enterprise is ideal for a distributed network requiring advanced features. This goes for add-on tools like Active Directory, access control, video analytics, and more.


  • Unlimited camera licenses mean no software limits in Perspective VMS® Enterprise product edition. That’s right! We said unlimited! Only limits in hardware and your network infrastructure may prevent from using any number of cameras required for a large project scope.
  • Archive locking allows administrators to mark segments of video and exempt it from archive deletion. Better put, administrators can lock video down until it can be extracted for investigative purposes. This ensures the file will remain in the archives until the lock is released by the administrator.
  • Active Directory integration allows administrators to import their existing AD users and groups, then configuring permissions within PVMS. Administrators of large enterprises love this feature because it integrates a tool they already use.
  • Workflow management logically associates objects, triggers, and actions to physical and logical inputs. That means one or multiple triggers may initiate one or multiple actions.
  • Access control and video analytics integration incorporates advanced third-party software and hardware into PVMS Enterprise Edition.

Perspective VMS® Product Edition Feature Matrix

PVMS has a lot of features available in three different editions. This matrix breaks down which features are available in each Perspective VMS® product edition.
PVMS FeaturePVMS Express EditionPVMS Standard EditionPVMS Enterprise Edition
Number of UsersUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of Cameras10100Unlimited
HTML5 Integration
Ultra-High Resolution
Live Streaming
Multi-View Monitoring
Data & Video Capture
Mobile App
Out-of-Browser App
Camera Dock
Global Search
Image Snapshot
Fast-Find Motion
Map Integration
ONVIF Integration
Bi-directional Audio-
Video/Event Tagging-
Actions Panel-
Neighboring Cameras-
Time-lapse Extraction-
Share View-
Administrative Reports-
Health Status Alerts-
Access Control Integration-
Active Directory Integration--
Video Analytics Integration--
RFID Integration--
Archive Locking--
System Lockdown--
Import Video--
Workflow Tools--
Custom Action Button--