Perspective VMS® Features

PVMS Developers really pack a lot of power into the unified security platform. In spite of this, Perspective VMS® software remains easy to use. Check out the advanced features we offer.

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Perspective VMS® General Features

Perspective VMS® has several key features that are available across all software editions.
  • HTML5 INTEGRATION - The Perspective VMS® user-interface streams video within a native HTML5-compliant web-browser providing high-end, enterprise-level functionality. PVMS is the first VMS to offer HTML5 video streaming with full enterprise-level capability in the browser.
  • SMART DEVICE FUNCTIONALITY - Perspective VMS® is the first video security management software to provide full functionality on your smart device without an app. That means users can use basic functions, such as live camera view and archive playback, as well as advanced tools, like administrative functions and device configurations, from the smart device browser.
  • OUT-OF-BROWSER APPLICATIONS - PVMS features an ability to run as a desktop client without the need of any browser.
  • GLOBAL SEARCH - Perspective VMS® gives users the ability to search metadata across the enterprise. This includes user entered tags, video extractions, multi-view presets, cameras, map layers, and more.
  • ONVIF INTEGRATION - Perspective VMS® is able to add security devices that are compliant with ONVIF Profile "S" and send video data over an IP network.
  • BI-DIRECTIONAL AUDIO - PVMS features in and out streaming audio. This assumes the appropriate setup incorporates a camera with bi-directional audio capabilities.
  • ACTION PANEL - Perspective VMS® features a set of collaboration tools and buttons. This allows users to dynamically share messages or views with other system users. Users also receive notifications of motion video, alerts, and notifications in the side action panel.
  • ACCESS CONTROL INTEGRATION - PVMS supports IP devices and 3rd party access control software. Now users can integrate alerts and alarms can be linked to camera feeds. Notifications are initiated with these features.
  • ACTIVE DIRECTORY INTEGRATION - Perspective VMS® supports incorporation and configuration of groups imported from Active Directory. Because of this, administrators using AD can import user settings much easier.
  • VIDEO ANALYTICS - PVMS supports video analytics software. This helps integrate behaviors into Perspective VMS®. Users can link the alerts to camera feeds and initiate notifications.
  • RFID INTEGRATION - PVMS supports RFID devices and 3rd party software. With the integrated alerts, the camera feeds are linked to alarms. In addition, users can get alarm notification.
PVMS Maps Module

PVMS Maps Module

Interactive Map Navigation

Perspective VMS® Maps provide an at-a-glance geographical overview of the entire enterprise. In addition, users locate and monitor individual cameras with this feature.

  • CUSTOM MAP INTEGRATION - Administrators can upload custom generated map files of facilities, sites, floors, or geographical regions to Perspective VMS®. Admins can add dynamic camera icons providing accurate situational awareness for any facility or site.
  • NEIGHBORING CAMERAS - Administrators can associate neighboring cameras with one another in custom multi-view arrangements. With this feature, PVMS groups cameras into logical sets for quick display of nearby activity.
  • SHARE VIEW - Users may share any view with other system users. Perspective VMS® includes a collaboration tool that makes this job more efficient.
  • MAP LAYOUT DESIGNER - Administrators can use the PVMS drag-and-drop map interface tool for layout and design of custom map files. This includes setting up map groups and nested map layers.
  • CAMERA DOCK - Live cameras from any location can be viewed in the Perspective VMS® camera dock below the site map. The drag and drop feature is very helpful to provide heads up camera viewing.
  • MULTI-LEVEL MAPPING - PVMS users can navigate multiple maps through an intuitive interface with dynamic pan-tilt-zoom functions on each map graphic.
  • MULTI-FLOOR NAVIGATION - Nested maps provide an ability navigate floors in a building or site location.
  • CUSTOM MAP LAYERS - Perspective VMS® provides an ability to add definable layers to any map. These layers may be hidden or exposed depending on user configuration and preference.
  • MAP ITEMS GROUP - PVMS provides the ability to globally group items across all maps to be shown as distinct layers that may be toggled on or off.
  • DYNAMIC CAMERA ICONS - Map icons in PVMS will display a change in status for alarms, events, or service standing.
PVMS Maps Feature
PVMS Camera Viewer Module

PVMS Camera Viewer Module

Live Camera Viewing

Users are able to monitor live video streams with the Perspective VMS® Camera Viewer. In addition, users can create sequences of multiple camera views, control PTZ cameras, review recently recorded video, and initiate on-demand recording.

  • ULTRA-HIGH RESOLUTION SUPPORT - PVMS supports archiving and streaming of video from UHD resolution cameras.
  • LIVE & ARCHIVE STREAMING - Perspective VMS® is able to proxy camera streams via the streaming server and archive server to workstations where a direct connection is unavailable (H.264 & MJPEG).
  • MULTI-VIEW MONITORING - Multiple live streaming camera view arrangements from same site or remote sites are available within PVMS.
  • IMAGE SNAPSHOT - Perspective VMS® is able to take a snapshot image from any one or multiple camera view (live or archive). This feature is helpful for users investigating suspicious activity. Now they can capture a still image to share with investigators.
  • VIDEO/EVENT TAGGING - PVMS users can mark or flag video, cameras, or events for fast search and quantifiable look-up. Of course, this tag is now searchable within the global search tool.
  • INFORMATIONAL CAMERA HEADER - The camera container includes a header overlay with relevant information and real-time status about the camera. This header can be set to always visible or visible on mouse over.
  • VIRTUAL PTZ CONTROL - Users may digitally pan-tilt-zoom on any image from any camera view, providing more analysis of an area of interest.
PVMS Camera View - Industrial
PVMS Archives Module

PVMS Archives Module

Video Archives Management

Perspective VMS® Video Archives Viewer allows users to locate and play back archived videos. This features functional retrieval of timeline-based recordings. Users can download and share archived videos as well as identify events and tagged footage.

  • DATA & VIDEO CAPTURE - Users can archive of video streams from system cameras and metadata from security devices for later playback or extraction in Perspective VMS®. Support is provided for Motion-JPEG, MPEG-4, and H.264 video formats.
  • FAST-FIND VIDEO MOTION - Users can define an area of playback video and search the camera field of view for motion events based on a sensitivity threshold. This PVMS feature helps them find their video more efficiently.
  • TIME-LAPSE EXTRACTION - Users can record video in increments of frames per hour in Perspective PVMS®, allowing video extractions to span weeks, months, or even years.
  • ARCHIVE LOCKING - In Perspective VMS®, administrators can mark video segments and prevent those segments from the normal archive deletion routines.
  • VIDEO IMPORT - Users can import video files from an external source (i.e. - mobile phone, tablet, etc.) into PVMS. With this feature, the video may be associated to selected devices and managed within the archive timeline.
  • STREAMING ARCHIVE PLAYER - Perspective VMS® will playback archive video, providing the user the ability to review recorded events.
  • MULTI-STREAMING ARCHIVE VIEWER - PVMS is able to playback multiple archived video streams simultaneously.
  • ARCHIVE AUDIO - When audio is enabled, Perspective VMS® will record and archive the audio in sync with recorded video.
  • FULL SCREEN ARCHIVE MONITORING - Archive video can be expanded to view recorded video in full screen mode.
  • EXTERNAL AUDIO STITCHING - PVMS provides the ability to combine an external audio source (secondary IP source) with a camera.
  • SCHEDULED RECORDING - Within Perspective VMS®, administrators can schedule various parameters of recording on a camera during selected schedules.
  • EDGE-BASED RECORDING IMPORT - PVMS provides an ability to import recordings from an SD card either from a camera or directly from the SD card itself.
PVMS Archives Module
PVMS Administration Tool

PVMS Administration Module

Application Administration and Configuration

The administrator has permission-based access to all user, camera, and system management functions by using the Perspective VMS® Administration Tool.  Also, individual users may gain access to all user-defined functions and settings.

  • ADMINISTRATIVE LOG - With the Perspective VMS® administrative log, administrators have the ability to view events, transactions, errors, from services in an event log created by Microsoft's Administrative Tools.
  • COPY ADMINISTRATION RECORDS - Administrators can quickly copy administration records in Perspective VMS®.
  • OPEN IN ADMINISTRATION - Administrators can open camera administration from the camera overlay in PVMS.
  • ADMINISTRATIVE CONFIGURATION - Administrators can set up and maintain the software remotely or onsite from any instance of PVMS. Numerous configuration tools make this possible.
  • GROUPS & USERS - Administrators can efficiently set up group roles and assign users for permissions-based functionality in Perspective VMS®.
  • WORKFLOWS - Administrators configure and manage a logical association of objects, triggers, conditions and actions that allow for integration of physical and logical inputs into on-screen display actions or other notification alerts.
  • SYSTEM LOCKDOWN - In Perspective VMS®, select users can activate the "one-click" lockdown of the video surveillance system during a emergency situation.
  • (ADAM) AUTONOMOUS DISTRIBUTED ARCHIVE MANAGEMENT - ADAM provides the ability for full autonomous archive management (creation, deletion, protection of archive locks and more) regardless of consistent network connectivity to a central database. ADAM allows for remote transaction logging of archive storage information during a degraded network state. This allows for subsequent merging with the central database when connected.
  • ARCHIVE STORES - The PVMS archive stores provide the ability to dynamically store archived video across one or multiple drive volumes.
  • ARCHIVE LOCATION FAILOVER - Archive failover gives administrators an ability to define an alternate location should configured archive locations become inaccessible. This "Failover" location would be utilized only if no other archiving paths could be found.
  • ARCHIVE REDISTRIBUTION - Perspective VMS® is able to automate a redistribution of archives from one location in store to remaining active locations within the archive store.
  • DISPLAY ACTIVE USER SESSIONS - Administrators can see the status of all users actively logged into PVMS. Additionally, they can see user's IP address and date/time of login. Administrators may terminate active sessions as needed.
  • PRINT-READY VIEWS - Perspective VMS® administrators can print configuration views for site commissioning and reporting. This includes filtering the information and defining which columns should appear in the view. A variety of export formats are available.
PVMS Administration Module
PVMS Reports Module

PVMS Reports Module

Customized Reports

Perspective VMS® Reporting Tools provide useful information including system health status, camera status, and user login activity.  Administrators are able to launch configurable or filtered reports showing system information and user audit trails.  These reports can be exported in several common formats.

  • PRINT-READY REPORTS - In PVMS, reports can be printed or exported to several file formats.
  • AUDIT TRAIL/ACCESS LOG - Perspective VMS® administrators can run a report on user actions and history.
  • CAMERA STATUS - Administrators can create an exportable report on current camera status including support reference information in PVMS.
  • CAMERA SNAPSHOTS - Administrators can create an exportable report that shows the image snapshot of each camera in the system for assessing camera field-of-view and more.
  • ARCHIVING REPORTS - Perspective VMS® users can retrieve statistical information of archive storage utilization and all active cameras' archiving statistics.
  • HEALTH MONITOR SERVICE - PVMS checks the system to ensure cameras are functioning and sends a report notifying administrators about offline status.
  • CAMERA & SERVER HEALTH - PVMS reports can show cameras marked as 'out-of-service,' current camera status, and current server status along with support reference information
  • WORKFLOW REPORTS - Reports on workflows are available, detailing associated users and associated cameras.
PVMS Reports
PVMS Training Module

PVMS Training Module

Training Video and Online Instruction

Users have a comprehensive overview of Perspetive VMS® functions and features. The in-application and online tutorials includes step-by-step video guides that are appropriate for beginners and advanced users or administrators.

  • INTERFACE LAYOUT - Perspective VMS® tutorials provide an overview of the software layout.
  • MAP NAVIGATION - PVMS tutorials demonstrate the functions of the maps module.
  • LIVE CAMERA VIEWER - Perspective VMS® tutorials highlight the features included in the camera viewer module.
  • VIDEO ARCHIVE VIEWER - PVMS tutorials provide a walk through of the archives module.
  • ADMINISTRATION - Users assigned to perform admin duties can review PVMS training on configuration and customization of the software features.
  • ACTIONS PANEL - Perspective VMS® users can dynamically share messages or views with other system users.
  • INSTALLATION - PVMS installation using the wizard is explained in a tutoring video.
PVMS Tutorials

Perspective VMS® features list document provides a full description of the product functions. 

PVMS Features List