PVMS Live Demonstration

We're happy with all the feedback we get on Perspective VMS® and we want you to experience our software for yourself. LENSEC's physical security experts want to walk you through a demo of our software or give you a chance to try out our 30-day free trial. Contact our team by submitting the form below.

Perspective VMS™ - Experience the Power of Perspective Demo
PVMS Laptop Display

LENSEC is happy to provide a demonstration of Perspective VMS®. Essentially, this is your a chance to learn more about PVMS. With a login, you can access our server in Houston, TX and see the capabilities of the software as you navigate our live video stream from our headquarters. If you need login information, please contact us for your login.

If you have a guest login for PVMS, you may access the software using the buttons below.

The link for Perspective VMS® v3.x is best viewed in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or in Internet Explorer 11. This is the latest version of PVMS developed using HTML5 and will provide the best user experience.

Free 30-Day Perspective VMS® Software Trial

Try Out PVMS For Yourself – 30 Days For Free

Perspective VMS® has so many great features, we don’t want you to miss any. LENSEC wants to give you a chance to try out PVMS for yourself. You can do a trial run of the software for a month without paying a penny. Try it out with your cameras in your network environment. We’ll even help you get it set up. You’ll be surprised to find out just how user-friendly the software is. Contact our sales department to learn more about our free 30-day software trial.

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