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Since 1998, LENSEC has been a trusted security partner with video surveillance experience in the USA and around the world. LENSEC has a background working with many types of industries providing IP security solutions. The physical security experts at LENSEC helps customers develop enterprise solutions for complex physical security projects using our flagship video surveillance management software, Perspective VMS™.

LENSEC – The Power of Perspective.

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Perspective VMS

Providing an Enterprise Video Surveillance Platform With Integration for the Physical Security Footprint

Discover Advanced Product Capabilities Offered in our Enterprise Class Software, Perspective VMS™

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Perspective VMS
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About Perspective VMS™

LENSEC has designed Perspective VMS™ as an enterprise-level HTML5-based software delivering surveillance video and information to customers via IP cameras and physical security devices. Perspective VMS™ Version 3.0 is a major software release built exclusively on an HTML5 rich application. HTML5 is the current standard for creating web pages and browser-based applications. PVMS leverages the browser language to enable live video streaming, forensic archive management, and flexible administration from one robust and scalable application.

Perspective VMS™ Version 3.0 is a major software release built exclusively on an HTML5 rich application. HTML5 is the current standard for creating web pages and browser-based applications. PVMS leverages the browser language to enable live video streaming, forensic archive management, and flexible administration from one robust and scalable application.

Video Surveillance Via HTML5

PVMS v3.0 maintains a similar look, feel, and feature set as previous software versions built on the Microsoft Silverlight interface. Notable software features include the ability for quick navigation between modules, drag-and-drop capabilities, and dynamic interface selections including device interaction controls.

The move to an HTML5-based application is in line with LENSEC’s goal of keeping integrator partner and end-user needs in mind during development. PVMS v3.0 builds upon LENSEC’s approach toward open integration with leading camera manufacturers and security technologies. Advanced 4K camera resolution models are incorporated into configuration and system design. The noteworthy adoption of HTML5 as a highly functional user interface for live and archived video streaming positions LENSEC as a technology leader in the physical security industry and the software market in general.

PVMS Product


Interactive map navigation provides an at-a-glance geographical overview of the entire enterprise. Users can locate and monitor individual cameras, view live cameras using the camera dock, and navigate multi-layered maps.

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PVMS Camera Viewer

Live camera viewer gives users the ability to monitor live video streams. Users can create sequences of multiple camera views, control PTZ cameras, review recently recorded video, and initiate on-demand recording.

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PVMS Archives Viewer

Video archive management allows users to locate and play back archived video. The archive provides functional retrieval of timeline-based recordings. Users can download and share archived video as well as identify events and tagged footage.

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PVMS Administration

Application administration and configuration provides permission-based administrator access to all user, camera, and system management functions. Individual users may gain access to all user-defined functions and settings.

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PVMS Reports

Reports provide useful information including system health status, camera status, and user login activity. Administrators are able to launch configurable or filtered reports showing system information and user audit trails.

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PVMS Training

Online instruction gives users a comprehensive overview for the application’s functions and features. This includes step-by-step video guides that are appropriate for beginners and advanced users or administrators.

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PVMS Mobile Application

Why Perspective VMS?

Put PVMS’s Core Features to Work

Enterprise-Level VMS

Perspective VMS™ is a powerful video management software for enterprise-level physical security deployments. PVMS integrates with access control, video analytics software, physical motion sensors, and more.

HTML5 Browser-based

PVMS is a browser-based HTML5 rich application that gives the user flexibility to view essential information on any computer workstation with network access.

Scalable & Flexible

PVMS is an intuitive and scalable VMS that supports complex multi-site monitoring of live or recorded IP security video. However, it is also useful for simple projects with a small security footprint.

Pro Services & Support

We care about our partners and go the extra mile to provide support that will minimize the end-user's downtime, keeping their enterprise secure.


LENSEC is a Pioneer in IP Video Surveillance and Our Employees are Experts in Physical Security.

Innovative Research and Development

LENSEC prioritizes research and development for video surveillance products. We are always innovating and seeking out cutting-edge features for our products.

Customizable Products

Listening to our partners about their customers' needs helps us to hone PVMS as a useful tool built on practical use case scenarios.

Who We Are

LENSEC takes to heart the meaning of bringing innovative thought to the security industry. We focus on design and assist our partners in managing critical operations through the use of intuitive and logical web-based applications.

We empower our clients to prevent or mitigate physical security risks, protect assets, and improve operations through our evolutionary and intuitive technology. LENSEC lends our expertise in security and software development.

Proven Experience

Since 1998, LENSEC has been breaking new ground in IP video security systems. LENSEC pioneered IP video management and IP camera surveillance by creating real-time situational awareness tools designed and delivered for the web.

Integration partners work with LENSEC to provide the best possible video surveillance solutions to their customers. If you would like to learn more about PVMS or become one of our partners, please contact us today. We are interested in discussing teaming agreements and partnerships.

LENSEC Pro Services are Thorough Powerful Helpful Customizable Dependable

Gain Competitive Advantage With LENSEC Professional Services
LENSEC helps you to add credibility to your customers by providing professional services for video surveillance. As LENSEC’s Partner, you can leverage our physical security experts for diagnostic services, systems integration, vulnerability assessments, custom configuration, project design support, and more. LENSEC offers a range of professional services that can help partners provide more value to their customers. Our physical security experts have years of experience developing complex solutions designed with the customer in mind.

We go a step beyond the competition. We listen to the needs of your customer and support you by taking their project needs into consideration, even if it means adding their feature requests into our software development roadmap to provide the capabilities required.

Professional Services
LENSEC Professional Services for Video Surveillance

PVMS Technical Training Certification

LENSEC is hosting a technical training in May at our Houston headquarters

PVMS Technical TrainingSign up for our technical certification training for Perspective VMS™.


DATE: June 20-21

Training will be conducted at our new corporate headquarters.

Please register on our training services page.

LENSEC Customer Support for Video Surveillance Solutions

LENSEC Customer Support

LENSEC Goes the Extra Mile in Supporting Video Surveillance Needs

We are committed to providing the best support experience possible for our customers and integration partners. This begins with our promise to provide an intuitive and logical user experience within our software applications. It continues with certification procedures and best practice implementations for our installation and integration teams and partners, and it is realized with our industry-best support tools for our end customers, ensuring we meet our number one goal for our organization, which is:

Providing our customers with the highest level of quality and support to meet their individual needs.

PVMS Product Support


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What Happy Clients Say About LENSEC and Perspective VMS™

How to Purchase Perspective VMS™

Learn how you can get connected with a LENSEC-certified partner. We’ll be happy to show you the software features and provide more information about Perspective VMS™. Ask about our free 30-day software trial and how you can purchase the software. LENSEC holds several purchasing contracts to help our partners and their customers find the right solution through a competitive bid process.