Perspective VMS® has the Fleet Covered

LENSEC has the Fleet Covered with Perspective VMS®

LENSEC Security Management is moving beyond stationary buildings and closed sites. In today’s changing security environment, we are facing unique security challenges for fleet management, including: public transportation, school buses, trains, trucking fleets, and even ships. LENSEC has you covered with fleet security management in Perspective VMS®.

Bus Transporation

LENSEC has a long history with fleet security management for school buses. Districts with 1,000 buses depend on the LENSEC team and Perspective VMS® to provide expertise in helping school districts manage transportation data and video recordings. Keeping students and staff safe and secure is our number one priority.

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 • Central Management

 • On-Board Hardware

 • Connect Remotely

 • Archive Video

 • Monitor Vehicle Equipment

Truck Transportation

LENSEC has evaluated hardware that is rugged and designed for the vibrations and harsh environment of freight trucking fleet. While our software is hardware-agnostic, our team of engineers makes recommendations for hardware that is durable enough for the toughest transportation security scenario.

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 • Monitor Live HD Video

 • Cellular & Wi-Fi Enabled

 • On-The-Road & the Depot

 • Monitor Speed, Brakes, etc.

 • RFID Integration

Air Transportation

PVMS Fleet Security Management monitors the air fleet on the move and at arrival/departure destinations. Securing and tracking the air fleet makes sense, recording locally on rugged servers, while providing live GIS-mapping and RFID tracking.

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 • Wi-Fi & Cellular Optional

 • Workflows & I/O Sensors

 • Heads Up Notifications

 • Low-Power Equipment

 • Power On/Off Remotely

Rail Transportation

Trains move millions of commuters and packages across the country each day. Keeping eyes on lite rail, heavy commuter trains, and freight rail transportation is essential for safety. LENSEC enterprise software, Perspective VMS®, is built with tools to manage rail fleet security with live GIS-mapping.

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 • Monitor Inside & Outside

 • System Health & Status

 • Sound an Early Warning

 • Real-Time Video Extraction

 • Monitor Vehicle Equipment

LENSEC VMS Legacy Fleet Software
LENSEC VMS is our Legacy Fleet Software being replaced with the next generation of software.

LENSEC, has been providing Fleet Security Management in transportation for many years. We have integrated hardened devices with a wireless infrastructure and advanced software to identify and store security video and data from vehicles in the field. Now LENSEC is ready to introduce the next generation of fleet and transportation security management, integrated into Perspective VMS®.

Since 2009, LENSEC has helped security integrators serve their fleet customers with our legacy video surveillance software, LENSEC VMS. Our customers have used LVMS to manage over 1,000 buses across large regions. This legacy software provided capabilities for monitoring buses and retrieving video from buses when they returned to the depot.

As an integrated security management system, our software acts as a common operating interface to send and receive communication between field devices and security personnel. As critical as real-time status notification can be, just as important is archive history and “linking” of events to forensic video. This integration of sub-systems allows your staff to see the entire story.

This year, LENSEC is rolling out our next generation software for fleet and transportation security management. Perspective VMS® provides a hardware-agnostic version of fleet security management that can be used with modern megapixel cameras and hardened network video recorders on board vehicles. LENSEC recommends integrated rugged servers with a wireless and cellular capability. PVMS will work with many servers or NVR’s, meeting the required system specifications. Perspective VMS® can remotely monitor and import video data from vehicles in the field or at the fleet depot. The video management software (VMS) can be centrally located and access vehicles via a short-range wireless connection or a long-range cellular connection, depending on how the network is deployed.

Perspective VMS® Fleet Management
Perspective VMS® Provides Bus Fleet Management

This newly redesigned fleet security management software features many advanced capabilities.

  • GIS-mapping for locations associated with archived recordings is provided. System users can monitor vehicle locations in association with recorded video and vehicle incidents.
  • Multiple Megapixel cameras can be installed in crucial locations to see inside or outside of the vehicle. Higher resolution video captures details previously missed.
  • Integrated vehicle equipment metadata can be captured from brakes, bus stop arms, blinkers, speedometers, etc. The metadata displays in PVMS alongside archive video. The metadata captured can tell us about vehicle conditions occuring at the time of the incident.
  • Built-in cellular communication provides remote access to system users monitoring vehicle incidents and recorded video before the bus returns to the depot.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi enables offload of video to the central system archives when the vehicle returns to the depot. Remote offload means personnel can transfer video to central storage without having to visit every vehicle in person.
  • On-board rugged computers can be equipped with remote power on/off switches. The vehicle doesn’t have to remain running for this feature to work. Remote users can turn the server on or off remotely via the PVMS interface.
  • The recommended on-board equipment is rugged and low-power. It is able to operate for longer periods without draining the vehicle battery.

Perspective VMS Fleet Security Management works inside of the video management software and is not a standalone software product. Management of building security is able to occur in the same VMS that is handling fleet management. This offers ease-of-use for system users and lower overhead for system administrators, further unifying the physical security footprint being managed by PVMS.

Perspective VMS® Fleet Management Module
In 2019, LENSEC is announcing next-generation fleet management software in Perspective VMS®.
Perspective VMS® Fleet Module Tracks Bus Location in a GIS Map

Fleet Security Management in LENSEC’s Perspective VMS® contains four sections:

  • Vehicle Control Page: Controls the Network Video Recorder (NVR) unit physically installed on each vehicle.
  • Archive Browser and Viewer Page: Plays back archives and selects videos to import as Vehicle Incidents.
  • Vehicle Incident Panel: Provides further investigation of imported videos, and selects videos to save as Image Extractions
  • Image Extractions Panel: Allows users to view and/or download videos, if permissions allow it.

The Map Viewer in Perspective VMS® has an embedded map interface. Information is presented about which vehicle is being displayed and provides a timestamp for the location. Vehicle locations are provided, shows archived map location matching archived video being displayed. This is helpful for reviewing event location information and reviewing archived incidents forensically.

TSA School Bus Security Guide

TSA School Bus Security Guidelines

The Transportation Security Administration has released a guide for school bus safety and security procedures. The document highlights recommendations for dealing with monitoring suspicious activities, responding to a security incident, and information collection. This document is available from the Homeland Security Digital Library website.

Fleet Security Management in Perspective VMS® is not only for buses. This software is appropriate for any kind of transportation:

PVMS Fleet - Air Freight Transportation
PVMS Fleet - Subway Train Transportation
PVMS Fleet - HazMat Trucking Transportation
PVMS Fleet - Ferry Boat Transportation
PVMS Fleet - School Bus Transportation
PVMS Fleet - Tow Truck Fleet Transportation

With LENSEC, Perspective VMS® Fleet Security Management has your transportation needs covered. Contact our team today by email or phone. We’d like the chance to demonstrate the capabilities of PVMS to you and your team.

Contact the LENSEC team for a demonstration, and more information on
Perspective VMS® Fleet Security Management.