LENSEC Healthcare Solutions

Hospitals, research laboratories, and medical offices all face a similar challenge: to protect the safety of patients while also preserving patient privacy. LENSEC understands this challenge and develops custom security solutions to meet the industry’s rapidly changing needs.

Healthcare facilities and biotechnology campuses have time-sensitive and privacy concerns that exceed normal business operations. Hospitals and medical care centers must minimize their liabilities while complying with HIPAA rules and accreditation requirements. This presents a challenging environment for today’s healthcare practitioner and administrator. Video management technology from LENSEC provides enterprise permission structures.

Whether monitoring access to patient information or helping organizations stay compliant with today’s strict regulatory environment, Perspective VMS® has the right tools to help. Physical access to care facilities or secured laboratories presents an additional cause for concern. Having accurate audit trails and forensic video archiving allows for compliance to be met while keeping personnel and patients safe.

Security deployments utilizing Perspective VMS® keep risk management line with technology acquisition. Even when the security footprint includes remote areas such as an ambulatory wing or remote storage facility, security managers can be confident in their ability to monitor the entire enterprise. In addition, as a campus stretches to encompass several buildings or sites throughout a region, PVMS can provide multi-site access allowing administration from a single central security operation center.

Here’s a few ways LENSEC can help when customers are using Perspective VMS®:

Asset Tracking: Associate archive video with RFID location tags.
Workflows: “If-This-Then-That” logic connects optional triggers with associated actions.
• Audio Integration: When it’s required, integrated audio and video leverages microphones for enhanced situational awareness in healthcare environments.
• Access Control Integration: Integration allows permissioned users to lock or unlock access control doors directly from PVMS.
• Fleet Security Management: PVMS Fleet brings the security patrol fleet under the same umbrella as your building security infrastructure.
• HIPPA Compliance: PVMS aids healthcare agencies in compliance by providing permissions-based access and user log rep• Asset Tracking: Associate archive video with RFID location tags.

Healthcare Solutions - Use Case Scenario

Hospital Wards Requiring Slip/Fall Response

LENSEC physical security experts are well versed in compliance requirements for hospitals and healthcare scenarios. Our team has developed solutions for healthcare professionals who need to monitor patients while maintaining privacy. Our workflows, when paired with video analytics, are designed to provide real-time notification of patient slip/falls. When a patient falls and remains in a prone position for longer than a desired period of time, alerts can be sent to monitoring personnel to notify of the event. This can be a crucial need in healthcare environments.

Standard security in hospitals is an urgent need, both inside the facility and outside. We can provide appropriate solutions for security deployment that will provide necessary security surveillance for one building or an entire campus, as required. Keeping secure areas under surveillance by integrating access control with video camera feeds helps improve the security footprint.

Perspective VMS® Keeps Patients Safe

Healthcare Solutions - Case Studies

M100/0 at Whitfield Regional Hospital


Located in the small town of Demopolis, AL, in West Alabama, is a hospital facility that is committed to growing and adapting to meeting its community’s current and future healthcare needs while providing a safe, compassionate environment that is conducive to the healing process. Its operating philosophy is “100/0”, where each team member takes on 100% responsibility for themselves and the satisfaction of patients, families and physicians.


The solution includes features such as access control, video analytics, intrusion detection and prevention, RFID asset management, fleet security management, and more. It also provides advanced features for tracking behavior, movement, and events with comprehensive monitoring for the whole facility. In addition, as a campus stretches to encompass several buildings or sites throughout a region, PVMS can provide multi-site access allowing administration from a single central security operation center that can be managed remotely.

CONCLUSION: Stumpf is pleased with the results. “We have found a solution that helps us to provide high-quality patient care yet is flexible enough to meet our future security and infrastructure needs.”