Purchase PVMS

Purchasing Perspective VMS®

Whether you are a potential partner looking to resell PVMS for a security project, or an end-user looking for ways to purchase PVMS, we can help you navigate the software choices and get Perspective.

Our Sales Team is dedicated to ensuring the right solution and partnership for our customers. To get Perspective VMS®, contact us about becoming a certified partner. We can also help you find a certified partner to purchase PVMS for your upcoming security project.

We’d appreciate the chance to do a software demonstration and offer you a chance to try out Perspective VMS® free for 30 days.

How to Place an Order for Perspective VMS® With the LENSEC Purchasing Department

The LENSEC Accounting Team is ready to assist VAR partners with purchasing Perpective VMS®.

LENSEC Partners can use their existing company purchase order, or we’ve provided a sample PO below. The LENSEC accounting team wants to ensure information is connected to the right end-user. Partner purchase order needs to have the right information displayed for our team to complete their job and issues software licenses. Please consider adding the following information to your company PO.

  1. Please make sure your purchase order connects the software licenses to the correct end-user and integrator account.
  2. In addition, you need to fill out the PVMS online license activation form to request the needed licenses for the end-user.

Again, partners do not have to use the PO below. Feel free to use our own, as long as it contains the necessary information.

PVMS Ordering Process

  1. Submit your PO to the LENSEC Accounting Team at [email protected].
  2. Licensing: Install the server software and run the application (Server Key Generator), then submit the server key to the LENSEC support team using the PVMS online license activation form.
  3. The LENSEC team will pair the server key with the PO and issue a specific license for the end-user.

If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us directly.

LENSEC Purchasing Deparment
Contact: (713) 395-0800
Email: [email protected]

LENSEC Regional Sales Contacts

LENSEC Sales Support

Find out who to call for your global region in order to purchase Perspective VMS®.

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Purchase Contacts: United States of America

In USA: Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming

John Shackelford
Logical Marketing Solutions
LENSEC Manufacturers Representative
Phone: (720) 446-3035
Email: [email protected]
Boulder, CO, USA

In  USA: Arkansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, District of Columbia

Professional Sales Agents, Inc. 
LENSEC Manufacturers Representative
Phone: (770) 674-2900
Website: prosalesagents.com
Norcross, GA, USA

In USA: Remaining US States

Michael Trask
LENSEC Sales Director (North America)
Phone: (703) 608-2796
Email: [email protected]

In  USA: Maine; Massachusetts; New Hampshire; New York; Rhode Island; Vermont

LENSEC Manufacturers Representative
Phone: (800) 777-7377
Website: www.repworks.com
Norcross, GA, USA

Purchase Contacts: Global Regions

In Global Regions: Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, European Union, Middle East, Oceania

Eng. Mostafa Kashtan
LENSEC Business Development Director, MENA
Phone: +966 5 0538 2257
Email: [email protected]
Riyadh, KSA

In Global Regions: Canada, North America, The Caribbean,

Michael Trask
LENSEC Sales Director (North America)
Phone: (703) 608-2796
Email: [email protected]

In Global Regions: Central America, South America

Mr. Bill Markel
Relevant Security Innovations, Inc.
Phone: (301) 845-6600
Email: [email protected]
Montville, NJ, USA

In Global Regions: Central America and Caribbean, South America

Mr. Carlos Puche
Phone:  1-954-864-9839
547 Cascade Falls Drive Weston, FL 33327
Weston, FL, USA