LENSEC Video Surveillance Solutions

Who We Are

LENSEC, a pioneer in IP-Video Management, was founded in 1998 as Progressive Systems LLC. Our employees have years of physical security experience developing advanced software systems and custom integration services. LENSEC continues its pioneer status, striving to provide software that is easy for customers to use. This means not installing invasive and proprietary programs onto client computers.

Building on LENSEC’s mission to deliver innovation with web-based tools, Perspective VMS™ is a smart client video surveillance software used by security teams. With our unified security platform, first responders can react and respond to security events. LENSEC designs systems that are scalable and designed for small operations or large enterprise organizations. The design is intended for an unlimited number of security devices and cameras. Our products enable real-time situational awareness for customers and first responders.

Along with innovative designs, LENSEC partners with security integrators around the world to support them in security deployments by offering world-class support and professional services. The company assists partners with training their staff and customers on use and administration of the PVMS platform.

Mission & Values

LENSEC is committed to empowering our clients and partners to prevent or mitigate physical security risks. We want to help protect people and assets as well as improve operations through our evolutionary and intuitive technology. We can do this by providing expertise in security and software development.

LENSEC Leadership

LENSEC's leaders guide the course of the company in the global marketplace. Here's more about our leadership team.

Basheer Al Ghazawi, Chairman

Basheer Al Ghazawi


Basheer Al Ghazawi is the Chairman for LENSEC. He is also the Chief Executive Officer for [...]

Jeff Kellick, Chief Product Officer

Jeff Kellick

Chief Product Officer

Jeff Kellick is LENSEC’s Chief Product Officer.  He is charged with the oversight of [...]

Michael Brimmer, Director of Sales, North America

Michael Brimmer

Director of Sales, North America

Michael Brimmer is the Director of Sales, North America at LENSEC. He works continuously with [...]

Keith Harris, Marketing & Communications Manager

Keith Harris

Marketing & Communications Manager

Keith Harris is the Marketing and Communications Manager for LENSEC. He has several years’ [...]

LENSEC Company History

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Perspective VMS™

LENSEC was founded in 1998 as Progressive Systems LLC.

In the late 1990’s Progressive Systems began as a custom solutions provider of networked video surveillance. As a pioneer in browser-based video management, Progressive Systems was able to lead the physical security industry in the transition from analog-based cameras to devices communicating over an IP or network architecture. Throughout the beginning of the 21st century, LENSEC has worked with municipalities, schools, hospitals, and critical infrastructure facilities by installing and monitoring tens of thousands of cameras in over 30 states.

Once again, LENSEC has taken the lead in the security industry as a pioneer of the smart-client video management platform, Perspective VMS™. PVMS is the first HTML5 video management software for IP security video. We continue to break ground and forge the way for the physical security industry.

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