LENSEC is pleased to partner with physical security integrators and value-added resellers (VARS) providing security solutions for end-user customers around the world. 

LENSEC is committed to leveraging the combined knowledge of our partners to build solutions that address the security needs of our customers. Our recommended solutions begin with understanding the needs, obstacles, and time frame for each implementation.

LENSEC also partners with complementary technology manufacturers.

We work with technology partners to identify the right components and consult with our solutions integrators to ensure delivery of project goals and end-to-end quality assurance. After installation and site commissioning, LENSEC remains committed to the project with ongoing status monitoring, support, and preventative maintenance routines. We are always searching for ways to provide better security and more efficient use of resources.

LENSEC values partner relationships with security consulting and engineering firms.

Providing support and training for security consultants and engineers, helps these partners to understand our solution and the overall impact on their current or future projects.