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LENSEC Provides Solutions for a Variety of Vertical Markets

A Sharper PERSPECTIVE: Next Generation Video Security 

LENSEC’s Perspective VMS® delivers an intelligent surveillance solution with improved power and functionality. Our enterprise software is the first HTML5-based video management software for IP video security in the industry. The modern browser interface and ease-of-use is what our clients expect. Built on an HTML5 rich application, PVMS integrates features previously available only with thick-client surveillance software solutions loaded on a personal computer.

Each vertical market is different and the approach should be different based on the specific needs of industry leaders. A government agency might have different needs and require different tools than an industry with a warehouse operation. However, there are many unifying factors when you take physical security into consideration. These various organizations still have an ultimate goal to protect people and property. That’s where LENSEC steps in to help.

Our physical security experts have developed numerous solutions that fit well within different vertical markets. We have many tools at our disposal and years of combined experience solving problems for security integrators and end-users. We’ll lend our expertise in designing a unified security footprint for any industry need. We’ll leverage the best tools for each project and present solutions that make the best fit for the job at hand.

Perspective VMS
Perspective VMS

Here are a few vertical markets where we provide assistance.

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