LENSEC K-12 Education Solutions

LENSEC K-12 Education Solutions

K-12 school campuses are security zones in an ever-changing environment. Needs vary greatly depending on the security footprint and district priorities. LENSEC has a great deal of expertise helping school leaders protect their greatest assets – the students. Whether the security scenario is for one school facility or a district-wide enterprise deployment, Perspective VMS® has all the angles covered. 

K-12 school campuses continue to leverage IP video surveillance to improve campus security as technology continues to provide new tools for the job. As the awareness and demand for school safety increases, so does the need for a unified security platform. Integrated systems allow for video surveillance, video analytics, and physical security access control or intrusion detection events to be accessed quickly. Integrated systems also alert staff of suspicious activity, facilitating informed decision-making during a crisis.

Schools often serve as community hubs for activities by sharing athletic fields, meeting areas, or auditoriums with the general public. With an enterprise-level security solution, personnel can keep an eye on multiple locations simultaneously.

With Perspective VMS®, security devices can enhance school safety in significant ways. With advanced PVMS features, sharing of information and recorded video is simple and provides real-time situational awareness during or immediately after an incident. LENSEC strives to include PVMS features that will make school security and safety more efficient.

Along with security concerns, agencies need to ensure that the right solution is found through a competitive bid process. LENSEC has addressed these concerns for agencies by listing solutions on several cooperative schedules including GSA, Texas DIR, and TCPN.

K-12 Education Case Studies

Find Out More About LENSEC Use Case Scenarios in K-12 Schools Utilizing PVMS

Pflugerville ISD Case Study
Pflugerville Independent School District Overcomes Security Obstacles In An Enterprise Environment Using LENSEC & Perspective VMS®


The need for security camera coverage and an adequate enterprise surveillance solution at campuses in the Pflugerville Independent School District was recently creating big problems. The medium-sized Central Texas school district serves nearly 25,000 students. Pflugerville ISD has more than 30 campuses spread over 95 square miles around Austin, TX.

One of the problems Valdez had to overcome was inadequate camera coverage. Existing cameras were creating problems and needed updating. In addition, the overall number of cameras was lacking.


LENSEC stepped in as an expert partner with the school district providing support to upgrade the network and adding new cameras. This improved camera coverage to all schools. The district added an enterprise-level video management software that could be centrally managed from the technology center. In all, Pflugerville ISD now has over 2000 cameras managed using Perspective VMS®.


The partnership between LENSEC and Pflugerville ISD is providing success in overcoming problems the school district had previously faced. By addressing the security concerns, the school district staff is better able to provide students with a safe and nurturing school environment.

Pflugerville ISD Case Study