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LENSEC FEATURE: LENSEC Celebrates 20 Year | 1998-2018
TECH SUPPORT: Customizing the User’s Profile
PARTNER FOCUS: BadgePass TotalCard Integration
PVMS FEATURE: Perspective VMS® v3.3.0 Release Notes & Software Integrations
UPCOMING EVENT: LENSEC Exhibits at ISC West 2018 in Vegas

The LENSEC Perspective Newsletter – April 2018

FEATURE: LENSEC Celebrates 20 Year | 1998-2018

LENSEC | 1998-2018 | Celebrating 20 Years

In 2018, LENSEC is proud to be celebrating our 20th year pioneering IP-based video surveillance management. We started with an idea to stream network video with the very first IP network cameras on the market. Now in our 20th year, LENSEC is still providing ground-breaking solutions with our HTML5-based video management software.

In the late 1990’s LENSEC began as Progressive Systems LLC. The company began as a custom solutions provider of networked video surveillance. As a pioneer in browser-based video management, LENSEC has been able to lead the physical security industry in the transition from analog-based cameras to devices communicating over an IP or network architecture. Throughout the last 20 years, LENSEC has worked with municipalities, schools, hospitals, commercial properties, government agencies, and critical infrastructure facilities by installing and monitoring tens of thousands of cameras across the US and around the world.

Our expert staff has years of physical security experience developing advanced software systems and custom integration services. LENSEC continues its pioneer status, striving to provide software that is easy for customers to use.

Once again, LENSEC has taken the lead in the security industry as a pioneer of the smart-client video management platform, Perspective VMS®. PVMS is the first HTML5-based video management software for IP security video. LENSEC continue to forge the way for the physical security industry.

Building on LENSEC’s mission to deliver innovation with web-based tools, Perspective VMS® is a smart client video surveillance software used by security teams in enterprise-level environments. With our unified security platform, first responders can react and respond to security events. Perspective VMS® is designed for physical security surveillance systems that are scalable for small operations or large organizations. PVMS is intended for an unlimited number of security devices and cameras. Our products enable real-time situational awareness for customers.

With 20 years of experience under our belt as a manufacturer and past history as an integration company, LENSEC has learned what works and what to avoid. We carry that expertise and offer it to our integrator partners. We learned the lessons and we’re happy to share that knowledge with our partners, making their jobs easier, and making them winners with their customer-base.

LENSEC is a partner you can trust. We’re excited about our 20th anniversary and putting our expertise to work for the security integrator.

If you haven’t seen LENSEC lately, you haven’t seen LENSEC. Schedule your appointment with one of our physical security experts to receive a demo and free trial of Perspective VMS®. Call us at (713) 395-0800 or email us at [email protected].

LENSEC Tech Support Solution

Customize Individual User Profiles

LENSEC Partner Focus

BadgePass Announces Integration Between TotalCard and Perspective VMS®

Perspective VMS® Solutions

PVMS v3.3.0 Released With New Software Features

LENSEC Technical Support
LENSEC Partners
Perspective VMS® is Fully Functional on Your Smart Device

Perspective VMS® is a powerful tool with lots of capability for the administrator to make complex changes in an easy-to-use interface. However, the user has some ability to change settings for their own personal view when they are logged in. The customized user experience allows those authorized within PVMS to make changes to their setting without having to go through the system administrator.

The PVMS system administrator may set up a startup page for entire groups using the software. This startup page could initially show the welcome screen, an arrangement of maps, or a specific camera view. The individual user may adjust this startup screen for their own system login. When the user accesses their user profile in the upper right section of the user interface, the preferences tab allows them to make personal changes to their startup page, among other items.

The user can select their startup page to display from the following choices:

  • Archives
  • Maps
  • Administation
  • Reports
  • Camera Viewer
  • Welcome Screen

This can be helpful from users logging in. The user profile saves the preference and improves their login experience. PVMS user preferences allows selection of camera default layout, default map for the map module, and defaults. At the bottom of the preference dialog box, the user can select display preference check boxes, such as defaulting to a borderless Multiview or emptying the camera dock on a new session, among other choices.

The User Profile tool gives each user the opportunity to update information, such as cell phone number or Skype ID. Finally, any user can change their Perspective VMS® login password from this dialog box. This is done on the basic information tab.

Each user should keep their password protected and not share information among colleagues. Good security management requires that user passwords and login names be unique for each individual. Keeping information protected will ensure the security of the system overall.

Perspective VMS® - User Profile Settings

If LENSEC Partner integrator technicians need support, call (713) 395-0800 + Option 1 or email [email protected] for assistance.

BadgePass announces integration between its enterprise campus card commerce application, TotalCard, and LENSEC’s video surveillance software, Perspective VMS®. Integration between the two systems will allow users to benefit from PVMS features within the TotalCard admin portal. Users can see all activity and events in the TotalCard system and view any associated video including cardholder access to doors, meal plan transactions, laundry usage, point of sale purchases and more.

TotalCard allows users to cost-effectively issue and manage credentials for a variety of applications on campus, including point of sale, event tracking, and access control. Video integration with LENSEC will allow those campuses to seamlessly view any cardholder activity and video footage at the same time, streamlining operations and potentially identifying security problems more easily.

Lindsay Martin-Nez, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at BadgePass, comments, “This is a very exciting integration for our customers. Imagine the possibilities on a college campus! Any dining hall can implement cameras above their point of sale terminals for greater visibility into cardholder meal plan transactions. Housing Directors can access video clips for door access or visitor check-in events in their residence halls. Laundry, bookstore, and vending transactions can all be affiliated with video now. This integration offers countless opportunities for a campus to improve cardholder security.”

LENSEC’s Chief Product Officer, Jeff Kellick, says, “We’re very excited about this partnership. Many of our partner integrations offer access control events and video only. With TotalCard, any cardholder event can have a camera and video footage associated with it, giving customers even greater visibility into campus activity. TotalCard is rapidly growing its footprint in the college and university market and we’re looking forward to offering this expanded functionality by working with BadgePass.”

BadgePass Access Manager

About BadgePass
BadgePass is revolutionizing the identification industry by creating the leading credential management system. The BadgePass product line includes Campus One Card Systems (TotalCard), Photo ID, Access Control, Visitor Management and Time Management. For more information, please visit

Perspective VMS® is an intuitive and scalable physical security platform that provides situational awareness and the ability to monitor live or recorded video from anywhere in the world. It is appropriate for small, single-site deployments, mid-tier security projects, or multi-site enterprise security environments. If you are interested in learning more about Perspective VMS®, please visit

Find out more about LENSEC’s manufacturing reps and our partnerships on LENSEC’s VAR Partners page. You can also learn who to call in your region to find out more about partnering with the LENSEC team on the Where to Buy PVMS page. If you’d like a sales representative to contact you, please reach out to us by phone or email.

Contact: LENSEC Sales
EMAIL: [email protected]
PHONE: (713) 395-0800

LENSEC has just released the latest addition of Perspective VMS®. Version 3.3.0 is a maintenance release with some new features, enhancements and maintenance items. Some highlighted features are as follows:

• NEW PVMS PROFESSIONAL EDITION – A new software edition has been added to the Perspective VMS® lineup. PVMS Professional Edition bridges the feature spectrum between Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition, allowing add-on device licensing for Access Control integrated software. Learn more about available PVMS Editions on the LENSEC website.

• UPLOAD CAMERAS FROM AN EXCEL TABLE – Another new feature for PVMS Version 3.3 is the ability to upload cameras from an Excel table. It is a form of Extract, Transform, Load (ETL). Clicking “Export” from the cameras table will download an excel spreadsheet of all cameras, from which you can add new records and then upload back to PVMS. This will work well for staging and system takeovers.

• MAP DEVICE KEYBOARD CONTROLS – Keyboard controls when placing a device icon on a map are back in PVMS Version 3.3.0. Thus when dropping a camera on the map and selecting that object you can use your arrows to move the camera precisely. You can also hold down Control key and move the arrows to rotate the camera.

• WATERMARKING – PVMS now applies a security technology to video recordings to ensure the chain of evidence, prevent tampering, and prove the validity of surveillance evidence.

The full release notes for PVMS Version 3.3.0 are available on the LENSEC website downloads page. In addition, this page is where you can find the latest software download for PVMS v3.3.0.

Perspective VMS® - Software for a Unified Security Platform

Perspective VMS® Software Integrations

LENSEC has also added some new software integrations recently with Galaxy Control Systems and BadgePass.  Joint integration has been announced between LENSEC’s enterprise-class video surveillance software, Perspective VMS®, and Galaxy Control Systems products, Cloud Concierge and System Galaxy Software.

Software integration for Perspective VMS® and System Galaxy is a bi-directional integration that enhances both physical security solutions. User security cameras are configured through the access control software to alarm and push video to the display using the video management software when event activity is detected. Conversely, Perspective VMS® will display alarms and device status generated by the System Galaxy and Cloud Concierge access control software.

BadgePass and LENSEC, both partners with Identification Systems Group, are also announcing integration between key physical security products. Software integration between Perspective VMS® and Badgepass Access Manager was recently announced. Additionally, the integration between PVMS and BadgePass TotalCard is now complete.

TotalCard allows users to cost-effectively issue and manage credentials for a variety of applications on campus, including point of sale, event tracking, and access control. Video integration with LENSEC will allow those campuses to seamlessly view any cardholder activity and video footage at the same time, streamlining operations and potentially identifying security problems more easily.

Integration between the two systems will allow users to benefit from PVMS features within the TotalCard admin portal. Users can see all activity and events in the TotalCard system and view any associated video including cardholder access to doors, meal plan transactions, laundry usage, point of sale purchases and more.

If you’re interested in learning more about Perspective VMS®,  take a look at our Perspective VMS® Product Page on our website. Call us at (713) 395-0800 or email [email protected] for a software demonstration.

EVENT: LENSEC Plans to Exhibit at ISC West 2018

Join the LENSEC Team at ISC West 2018 - Booth #L10

LENSEC is exhibiting at ISC West 2018 in Las Vegas. We’re excited to have multiple opportunities to connect with partners and prospects. Please plan to join us while you’re in Vegas.

ISC West 2018 Perspective VMS® Sales Training – Venetian Hotel, Suite TBD

Prior to ISC West, LENSEC physical security experts will be providing Perspective VMS® Sales Training in a suite in the Venetian Hotel. We have opportunities to give detailed information about Perspective VMS® latest release edition. LENSEC has just released the Perspective VMS® v 3.3 and we’re please to feature new product enhancements in a sales training for partners and customers.

Objectives include:

  • Review of the overall value proposition for PVMS end-users
  • Review PVMS ordering process with LENSEC
  • Review Software, Servers, and Service pricing levels

Please register to join us for either Perspective VMS® Sales Training Session:

  • Monday, April 9th – 9:30am – 2:30pm, Venetian Hotel, Suite TBD
  • Tuesday, April 10th – 9:30am – 2:30pm, Venetian Hotel, Suite TBD

We’re providing lunch for registered attendees both days. On Monday, LENSEC is hosting a Happy Hour from 3pm to 5pm in the suite. Stop by and help us kick off ISC West 2018 with a drink.

ISC West 2018 – LENSEC Booth L-10 – Sands Convention Center

This feature packed video management software will be demonstrated during ISC West 2018 in Booth #L-10. That’s in the hallway right in front of the main doors. Stop by and see our Physical Security Experts. We’ll show you Perspective VMS® v3.3 new product enhancements.

ISC West 2018 Partner Booth Representation – Sands Convention Center

LENSEC is happy to provide support for our technology partners. We’ll have LENSEC representatives available to help technology partners showcase Perspective VMS® in their respective booths in the ISC West exhibit.

• Galaxy Control Systems – ISC West Booth #5089 – LENSEC has recently integrated Perspective VMS® with System Galaxy access control software. This bi-directional integration allows unified management using either software platform. Additionally, PVMS is now integrated with Galaxy’s Cloud Concierge software. This is a fully cloud-based management platform that include Galaxy access control management and Perspective VMS® video surveillance management. Stop by the Galaxy Booth #5089 and visit with the LENSEC representative for a demonstration.

• Rasilient – ISC West Booth #27091 – LENSEC is now partnering with Rasilient. Perspective VMS® is ready for Rasilient server and storage platforms. The Rasilient team is featuring video analytics this year during ISC West. LENSEC will have a physical security expert that will be available in Rasilient Booth #27091 to demonstrate Perspective VMS®, with an empasis on our PVMS video analytics.

If you want to set an appointment with us, please visit the LENSEC Booking Calendar to request a meeting with a LENSEC representative at one of these ISC West locations. We look forward to seeing you at ISC West 2018.

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