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LENSEC Moves to New HQ in Houston, TX
LENSEC Tech Support Solution
LENSEC Partner Focus
PVMS Feature – Global Search
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 The LENSEC Perspective Newsletter July 2017

LENSEC Moves to New Headquarters in Houston, TX
LENSEC Headquarters is Moving

LENSEC has spent many years at our current headquarters address on Bering Drive in Houston, TX. But, it’s time to make a move. We are staying in Houston, but we are moving to the Westchase Business District. Make note of our new address at 3151 Briarpark Drive, Suite #125, Houston, TX 77042.

We have a spacious new facility and we’re expanding our support staff to take care of customer needs. LENSEC has already taken advantage of the large conference room on site to host a recent technical certification training.

If you’re in Houston, plan to stop by and visit with us. We’d appreciate the opportunity to connect with you and learn more about how we might help you in the near future.

LENSEC HQ, 3151 Briarpark Drive

New LENSEC Headquarters Address

3151 Briarpark Drive, Suite #125
Houston, TX 77042

PHONE: (713) 395-0800

EMAIL: [email protected]

LENSEC Headquarters Map
LENSEC HQ, Houston, TX
LENSEC Tech Support Solution

PVMS Online Support Resources

LENSEC Partner Focus

S3 Integration

Perspective VMS Feature

Global Search Tool

LENSEC Technical Support
LENSEC Partners
Perspective VMS® Global Search Feature

When you trust in a world-class product like PVMS, you expect world-class support to come included. LENSEC offers help for installers and end-users that are working with Perspective VMS™. Not only do we offer support by phone, but we also provide many online resources that will help you access many features of the software.

LENSEC posts PVMS online tutorials on our website. These videos will walk you through day-to-day operations, administrative functions, configuration & setup, and more. These video tutorials cover a broad expanse of topics that are helpful for casual users and advanced administrators.

We have several PVMS installation and user manuals for the software. These can be accessed on our Downloads page on the LENSEC website. The online help manual walks you through getting started, basics of the software, PVMS modules & components, and in addition details tasks, features, and how-to guides for operators.

If you want help with common solutions to everyday issues with PVMS, our Perspective VMS™ Knowledge Base is a repository of information that can assist in training and implementation questions. This can be found under the Support tab on the LENSEC website.

We’ve also developed several information recordings as part of our Step Into Security webinar. These topics cover a variety of information on physical security topics. If you want to learn more, check out our webinar archive on the LENSEC website.

These support resources are free for you. We want to invite you to check out these resources on our website and learn more about the physical security industry and deploying projects built on the Perspective VMS™ backbone.

If integrator technicians need support, call (713) 395-0800 x1371 or email [email protected] for assistance.

LENSEC is proud to announce a new partnership with S3 Integration (S3I). This VAR partner brings Perspective VMS™ to the Mid-Atlantic market.

In 2004 S3 Integration, L.L.C. was founded as a customer service organization to provide high-end security integration systems and services for access control, video surveillance, intrusion & perimeter detection systems for large commercial applications.

S3 Integration is a relationship driven organization that provides comprehensive integrated security management systems and services. Professional services include a complete range of offerings allowing customer support in the planning, design, implementation, integration and maintenance of state of the art security systems. They also provide solutions to many other business operating applications.

S3I offers the power and experience of a large company and the agility, responsiveness and personal relationship of a small company. This unique combination allows S3I to provide the best of both worlds to customers who demand quality products and high performance services. S3I is an alliance of some of the industry’s most talented individuals combined with the most technologically advanced products available today. This high powered combination makes S3I one of the premier application solution providers in the country.

S3 Integration

If you are interested in partnering with LENSEC as an integrator, security consultant, or technology partner, please get in touch with us by email or phone. We’d love to talk with you.

Our Chief Product Officer, Jeff Kellick, says his favorite Perspective VMS™ feature is the Global Search Tool. PVMS gives users the ability to search metadata across the enterprise. This includes user entered tags, video extractions, multi-view presets, cameras, map layers, and more.

The power behind the Global Search Tool is the SQL database that works behind the scenes collecting information and making it quickly available to users. The tool is accessible in many different applications within the software. Whether you are searching for a map name in the map module or a user-entered tag and a video extraction, the search tool will help you find your place quickly.

The Global Search Tool will rapidly search any content stored within PVMS. This feature is available within all versions of the software: Express Edition, Standard Edition, or Enterprise Edition.

Kellick told a recent training class about his favorite software feature. He said, “The global search tool comes in very handy when you choose certain names for devices versus certain names for your extractions, categories, groupings, etc. Those names play into the capabilities of searching and filtering.”

If you’re interested in learning more about PVMS features, the Perspective VMS Features List is available on our website. Or, you may call us at (713) 395-0800 or email [email protected] for a software demonstration.

LENSEC Promotion: 100 Free Perspective VMS Licenses for Certified VAR Partners
LENSEC Certified Partners Receive 100 Free PVMS Licenses


You may have noticed LENSEC has been promoting partner certification centered around Perspective VMS™ training. We’ve recognized in recent months that those partners that are most successful in reselling PVMS are those who have spend time getting to know the software. This is why we’ve opened up many opportunities to provide our partners with free training.

We’ve opened up training classes to VAR partners every month for the rest of the year. There are many opportunities to get trained either in Houston at LENSEC headquarters or at regional training in various locations as needed. The classes cover important features of the software for sales representatives and valuable installation information for technicians.


Perspective VMS™ is the first video management software running exclusively on an HTML5 browser-based platform. This is important because most other VMS manufacturers are relying on thick client software applications or browser applications built on the Microsoft Silverlight platform. These competitor VMS products are not browser agnostic. They are only able to run currently on Internet Explorer. Microsoft is still supporting Internet Explorer 11, but they have stopped supporting Silverlight. And, most modern web browsers are not using Silverlight any longer.

HTML5 video streaming is the modern application that internet browsers support. Security manufacturers as a whole haven’t kept up with current technology in their video management software. That’s why Perspective VMS™ stands out. PVMS is a modern application that continues to grow with technology standards. The software interface is intuitive and the features are enterprise class. It really is exciting to see the innovation that LENSEC continues to deliver in their flagship software.

Perspective VMS® Technical Certification Training


LENSEC is very excited about PVMS’ capabilities and ability to provide ample benefits to value-added reseller partners and their customers, the end-users. But, we have to get the word out and get our partners as excited as we are. So, we are offering an unprecedented license giveaway. LENSEC is offering up to $25,000 in free camera licenses to VAR partners who become certified in Perspective VMS™. This is 100 free licenses that our partners can use on upcoming projects.

The certification process isn’t difficult. We ask our partners to send sales representatives and technicians to attend our free training. We also ask partner companies to set up Perspective VMS at their offices so employees may get familiar with the software. We provide the software for partner offices free of charge. Once these tasks are complete and the partner paperwork has been signed, your company is certified and the 100 free licenses are available for distribution. They remain available to use as long as the partner is certified. Technical training needs to be refreshed annually. It’s that easy.


Our next training is July 18-19 in Houston at our headquarters. You can register today and reserve space for your sales reps and technicians. Sales personnel should plan to attend the first day of training. Full technical training is scheduled for both days to become fully certified. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

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