PVMS Product Video

Check out the many advanced product features available in our flagship product, Perspective VMS®.

Perspective VMS® offers a lot of advanced software capabilities and tools in three different product editions. Our browser-based application is built exclusively on HTML5 and gives you full control of your physical security footprint. This product description lines out several key features of the PVMS unified security platform. LENSEC highlights many of our key program capabilities here. Take a look and learn more as you experience the power of perspective.

PVMS Demo Video

The LENSEC team would like to invite you to take a tour of the Perspective VMS® software. We can guide you through a sales demonstration. Or, you can request a free 30-day trial of the product to try out for yourself. We offer a few pre-recorded videos at the link button below. If you need the password, we’ll be happy to provide one for you.

PVMS Demo Video

Perspective VMS® Tutorials

We’ve produced dozens of PVMS media files that walk you through the different sections of the software. We’ve included these on our tutorials page. Select the button below to learn about user-level and administrative-level software features.

PVMS Tutorials

PVMS Video Release Notes

Major releases of Perspective VMS® have release notes highlighting new features and software improvements. We’ve included these videos on our tutorials page. Select the button below for more details.

PVMS Video Release Notes

Perspective VMS® Videos - YouTube & Vimeo

All of our Perspective VMS® media files are available on Youtube and Vimeo for your convenience. Follow the link buttons for more resources.

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