Experience the Power of Perspective VMS®

Perspective VMS® is Central to LENSEC’s Surveillance Strategies

LENSEC is a pioneer in IP-video surveillance and the manufacturer of Perspective VMS®. Because of that, the company has built a reputation for quality. LENSEC claims physical security projects using PVMS around the world. It is notable that the company has projects ranging from schools and higher education campuses to critical infrastructure sites.

LENSEC develops complex video surveillance systems for security partners. As a result, Perspective VMS® is at the center of strategies tailored to security needs. Therefore, we take our partnership with security integrators seriously.

Robust and Ready

Perspective VMS® is an intuitive and scalable physical security platform. As such, it is designed for video surveillance, including integration for access control, video analytics, and more. PVMS is appropriate for small, single-site deployments, mid-tier security projects, or multi-site locations. If you need a video monitoring solution that integrates security technologies at remote locations, we have you covered.

Real-Time Situational Awareness

Using PVMS results in IP video surveillance solutions with enhanced real-time situational awareness. This means tools such as dynamic map navigation and our thin-client application are easy for quick and ready use by first responders. Perspective VMS® provides users the ability to monitor live or recorded video from anywhere in the world. As such, PVMS fulfills the requirements for any standardized surveillance application as well as those critical needs outside the norm.

Perspective VMS® is HTML5 Ready

LENSEC has redesigned their flagship product, Perspective VMS®. Most notably, we’ve built PVMS v3.x exclusively on an HTML5 rich application. HTML5 is the current standard for web development. However, it is uncommon to see security applications that are developed on HTML5. Even so, video surveillance software that achieves true enterprise status by leveraging HTML5 development is ground-breaking in the physical security industry. LENSEC continues to pioneer the way so that security integrators and end-users can count on Perspective VMS® to easily deploy and manage their security video via a thin client application.

LENSEC continues our tradition of providing a full-featured software platform for managing surveillance video and data via modern web browser technologies. We do this because flexibility is key. Users and administrators can navigate all of their day-to-day operations and advanced security management from any PC on their network. We’ve even made sure they have secure access using their personalized secure login credentials.

Fully Functional in the Web Browser

With Version 3.x, Perspective VMS® leverages HTML5 to display IP security video using modern web-browsers, such as Google Chrome. Perspective VMS® continues to allow full functionality of live video streaming, archived video playback, map-based integration, dynamic reporting, logical workflows, and comprehensive systems administration. All these features are accessible from a web browser without relying on thick client software or browser plug-ins.

Perspective VMS® Features

PVMS® provides advanced features organized in modules for live camera view, dynamic maps, archive management, administration tools, and more. This means the scalable, enterprise-level software is designed with an easy user interface for easy dynamic interaction.

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Perspective VMS® Highlighted Features

Perspective VMS™ VIdeo Archive Viewer Features

Video Archives

The Perspective VMS® Archives Module allows users to locate and playback stored video. The archive provides functional retrieval for timeline based recordings. Users can download and share archived video as well as identify events and tagged footage.

  • Enhanced Interface for intuitive retrieval using timeline navigation
  • Multi-stream video feeds for side-by-side forensic analysis
  • Share view feature for real-time collaboration and team review
  • Event tagging for fast search and retrieval
  • FastFind search feature for finding video evidence quickly
  • Speed searching up to 32x for scanning video over time
  • Quick extract tool for off-loading video
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Multi-Level/ Multi-Site Mapping

PVMS Maps Module navigation provides an at-a-glance geographical overview of the entire enterprise. Users can quickly locate and monitor individual cameras, view live cameras using the camera dock, and navigate multi-layered maps.

  • Real-time situational awareness
  • Unlimited cameras, sites, and maps
  • Intuitive camera dock with drag and drop functionality
  • Custom configure maps
  • Interactive navigation pans and zooms the map image
  • View unlimited sites across a distributed architecture
  • Interactive device integration for real-time status reporting
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Perspective VMS™ Dynamic Maps Features
Perspective VMS™ Live Camera Viewer Features

Camera Viewer

The Perspective VMS® Camera Viewer Module gives users the ability to monitor live video streams. Users can create sequences of multiple camera views, control PTZ cameras, review recently recorded video, and initiate on demand recording.

  • View any camera from remote sites
  • Virtual Pan-Tilt-Zoom on any camera
  • Pause/Rewind any live camera
  • Quick record live video
  • Events panel receives live notifications
  • Search the system for camera or event locations
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PVMS® Enterprise Edition

PVMS® Enterprise Edition provides powerful features and is for complex, large projects. PVMS® Enterprise allows an unlimited number of cameras and servers. There are no software limits. This software edition is ideal for a distributed network requiring advanced features.

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PVMS® Standard Edition

PVMS® Standard Edition is for mid-tier projects and capable of licensing up to 100 cameras. PVMS® Standard Edition adds many valuable advanced features. This software edition is for projects with a medium scope which incorporate a few sites and need centralized management at a budget-friendly price point.

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PVMS® Express Edition

PVMS® Express Edition is a scaled down version of the Enterprise Edition. PVMS® Express allows up to 10 cameras and is designed for small projects with a limited scope in a single-site deployment. For projects requiring advanced integration, please consider upgrading to Perspective VMS® Standard or Enterprise Editions.

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