Explosive Combo Makes a Security Boom

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Houston, Texas, USA – Wednesday, May 5, 2021
LENSEC and Midpoint Security are announcing integration between Perspective VMS® and CredoID. The two open-platform security software companies collaborate to improve the unified security footprint for end-users of both products.

Perspective VMS®, by LENSEC, is a browser-based software that streams and captures IP security camera video and manages various IP security devices. LENSEC’s technology partner, Midpoint Security, develops integrated solutions for access control. CredoID is a software suite by Midpoint Security that integrates access control hardware for security projects.

The two companies are working together to make both products stronger and help customers using their software tools. The integration allows the PVMS and CredoID to communicate information back and forth. PVMS pulls event information from CredoID and displays them as they occur. PVMS also keeps a record of access control events, associating activity with security video from CCTV cameras. Additionally, PVMS can control access doors by locking, unlocking, or pulsing the lock hardware.

CredoID devices may also be imported into PVMS, meaning doors and readers are configurable within the PVMS Administration module. In the future, PVMS will also be able to import cardholder images into reports. These images will be helpful when administrators are comparing cardholder images with security video that is associated with access control events.

Waseem Al Sawalha, LENSEC Integration Team Leader

Waseem Sawalha is the LENSEC Integration Team Leader. His team worked closely with Midpoint Security on the software integration. Sawalha says, “PVMS is an open platform video management software, and CredoID is an open platform access control system. Together, we provide a unified user experience. Midpoint Security leverages access control hardware from different manufacturers, like HID, Mercury Panels, and ASB Security devices. Using previously-deployed hardware for access control makes hardware-agnostic products, like CredoID and PVMS, more attractive for customers.”

Midpoint Security designed the CredoID access control system to integrate hardware from many different manufacturers. This approach gives customers flexibility in managing existing installations and planning for new security project deployments.

Saulius Martinenas is the Chief Executive Officer at Midpoint Security. Martinenas says, “CredoID from Midpoint Security is the integrators’ preferred choice when it comes to deploying a flexible, robust, and scalable access control system. When choosing technology partners for integration, we expect them to share the same values and qualities.

By developing the integration between Perspective VMS® and CredoID, Lensec has demonstrated extremely high working standards, attention to detail, and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure a best‐in‐class client experience. That is why our joint projects have launched smoothly and required minimal effort on the integrators’ part. We are happy to recommend Credo ID and Perspective VMS® in combination to all our customers, as we are sure of client satisfaction.”

In addition to integration with Perspective VMS®, CredoID provides access control expansion for time attendance, burglar alarms, elevator control, ID card design, card printing, and more.

LENSEC has a history since 1998 as a pioneer in video management software. Perspective VMS®, the company’s flagship enterprise software, is an advanced video surveillance platform providing effective, remote situational awareness and security management of facilities. Customers with IP cameras rely on PVMS to manage and stream video from thousands of IP cameras at geographically diverse sites.

LENSEC’s physical security experts are well-versed in complex security projects, including commercial properties, government sites, educational facilities, critical infrastructure, and much more. LENSEC employees offer their expertise, meeting the company’s goal to keep people and property safe. LENSEC distributes PVMS through a channel of security integrators.

Midpoint Security develops integrated solutions for access control and security projects. CredoID access control software is the cornerstone of these solutions.

Contact the LENSEC team today to learn more about the partnership between Midpoint Security and LENSEC.