HOUSTON, TX., December 14, 2021 – LENSEC and ShotSpotter today announced a technology partnership that will see ShotSpotter’s gunshot detection technology integrate with LENSEC’s Perspective Video Management Software (PVMS)®. The two technologies combine to automate workflows within the PVMS platform to deliver crucial surveillance footage immediately after a gunshot is detected. This new integration saves law enforcement time in critical situations where every second matters.

Using ShotSpotter acoustic sensors and live IP camera feeds within PVMS, security professionals immediately have eyes on the area where a gunshot was detected. automated workflows within the PVMS platform direct cameras at the incident location and pull camera feeds closest to the site. PVMS also has a neighboring camera feature that allows other cameras located near the area of interest to capture and track individuals or objects such as fleeing vehicles. Whether it be a suspect or a victim, neighboring cameras provide constant monitoring of these individuals as they move through the area. All available tactical intelligence and live surveillance footage is compiled and can become immediately accessible.

The automated reactions allow first responders to respond directly to the injured parties without scrambling to find their location. Additionally, the tracking feature works on suspected shooters, allowing for continued live monitoring of fleeing individuals or vehicles. If the suspects were to leave the area, the footage captured from the scene allows law enforcement to quickly send out accurate BOLO profiles.

“The ShotSpotter and LENSEC integration has the potential to save lives based on the automated gunshot triggered workflows,” said Michael Trask, Director of North American Sales for LENSEC. “The quicker law enforcement can get eyes on suspects and victims, the quicker they can get to work.” This technology partnership fulfills both LENSEC’s and ShotSpotter’s shared mission – to contribute to a safer world.

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