LENSEC Is Working To Keep Schools Safe

Be Secure Be Safe

At LENSEC we understand the security challenges that school districts face. Our goal is to keep people safe and assets secure. That goal has never been more pertinent than now.

Our team can assist your school district, possibly with your existing network equipment and security cameras. We can provide you a cost-effective video management software designed for security and providing you with powerful tools to keep students and staff protected.

We’re committed to helping you unify your security footprint.

Our team of physical security experts stands with you, ready to assist and provide the security technology to help you navigate through these uncertain times.

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Security Video Management

Perspective VMS® is an enterprise-class video management software that is browser-based, making secure access easy from anywhere.

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Security Software Integrations

PVMS works with technology partners, integrating product features from security tools like access control.

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Video Analytics

For advanced security capabilities, PVMS works with video analytics to determine problems and improve awareness of security incidents.

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Our team stands ready to help you find the solutions you need to improve security at your schools. Contact our team today to schedule a demo and learn more about Perspective VMS®.