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LENSEC Announces Software Integration With Galaxy Control Systems

Bi-Directional Integration Delivers Access Control and Video Surveillance Across Security Systems

Release Date: Tuesday, January 16, 2018

LENSEC announces joint integration between its enterprise-class video surveillance software, Perspective VMS®, and Galaxy Control Systems products, Cloud Concierge and System Galaxy Software.

The integration will be officially launched at Intersec in Dubai in January. LENSEC and Galaxy Control Systems will be exhibiting at the international trade show January 21-23, 2018 in booth S1-C20.

Software integration for Perspective VMS® and System Galaxy is a bi-directional integration that enhances both physical security solutions. User security cameras are configured through the access control software to alarm and push video to the display using the video management software when event activity is detected. Conversely, Perspective VMS® will display alarms and device status generated by the System Galaxy and Cloud Concierge access control software.

Chief Product Officer, Jeff Kellick explains that LENSEC continuously seeks out product integrations that are advantageous to customers and the physical security industry. Kellick says, “We are excited about this product integration, especially given Galaxy Control Systems’ leadership in the marketplace. LENSEC is pleased to be able to offer this greatly expanded functionality by working with Galaxy.”

Rick Caruthers, Executive Vice President for Galaxy Control Systems says, “This new integration is unique in the industry in that two manufacturers – Galaxy and LENSEC – have created a solution with multiple ways for an end-user to monitor, detect, and respond to security incidents in real-time.” Caruthers describes the integration as “a complete, real-time security management solution for end-users and security integrators, with scalability and flexibility for enterprises of all sizes.”

Perspective VMS® is an intuitive and scalable physical security platform that provides situational awareness and the ability to monitor live or recorded video from anywhere in the world. It is appropriate for small, single-site deployments, mid-tier security projects, or multi-site enterprise security environments. If you are interested in learning more about Perspective VMS®, please visit LENSEC.com/PVMS.

System Galaxy is a complete, enterprise-class access control and security management solution. Cloud Concierge is a powerful suite of cloud-based access control services offered by Galaxy Control systems that provides a range of capabilities for real-time monitoring and management of access control devices from anywhere via PC, tablet, or mobile phone. If you are interested in learning more about System Galaxy and Cloud Concierge, please visit www.galaxysys.com.

For an opportunity to see software integration in action, please plan to visit our physical security specialists at Intersec 2018. LENSEC and Galaxy Control Systems will both be located on the exhibit floor in booth S1-C20 during the show. Intersec will be located at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Dubai, UAE from January 21-23, 2018. Please plan to join our teams during the exhibit.

To contact Galaxy Control Systems call 800.445.5560 or email custserv@galaxysys.com.
To contact LENSEC call 713.395.0800 or email sales@lensec.com.

LENSEC & Galaxy Integration Press Release

LENSEC is Offering Options For Perspective VMS® Video Analytics

Video Analytics are Offered Individually or by the Bundle

Release Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2017

LENSEC is announcing the Perspective VMS® has added numerous video analytics tools. Perspective VMS® Video Analytics will be an optional add-on to Enterprise Edition software. Individual or bundled pricing is available.

This new tool includes the following analytics:

Intrusion:  Detection and signaling of intrusion within virtual areas or the crossing of virtual lines in a certain direction by targets of interest.

Gate Flow: Counting and collection of the number of persons crossing virtual gates in a certain direction.

Area Counting: Counting and collection of the number and the dwell time of persons within virtual areas, and for each area signaling of the presence of a number of person higher than a defined threshold.

Occupancy Rate: Estimation and collection of the percentage of occupancy of virtual areas by subjects of interest, and for each area signaling of an occupancy percentage higher than a defined threshold.

Hot Zones: Estimation and collection of the percentage of occupancy of virtual areas by subjects of interest, and for each area signaling of an occupancy percentage higher than a defined threshold.

ATM: Detection and signaling of one or more than one persons who remain within a virtual area for longer than a defined time.

Left Object: Detection and signaling of objects left unattended within virtual areas for longer than a defined time.

Stolen Object: Detection and signaling of objects removed from virtual areas.

Loitering: Detection and signaling of subjects of interest that remain within virtual areas for longer than a defined time.

Panic Disorder: Counting and collection of the number and the dwell time of persons within virtual areas, and for each area signaling of the presence of a number of person higher than a defined threshold.

Slip Fall: Detection and signaling of a person who lies down and remains on the ground for longer than a defined time.

Counting: Counting and collection of the number of subjects of interest crossing virtual gates in a certain direction.

AV Speed: Estimation and collection of the average speed of vehicles crossing double virtual gates, and for each double gate signaling of average speed lower or higher than a defined threshold.

You can find out more about Perspective VMS® at our website product page. If you are interested in a software demonstration or a free 30-day trial, please contact us for more information

Perspective VMS® Product Page

Perspective VMS® is Fully Functional Using Your Smart Device

PVMS is the First Enterprise-Level VMS Providing Full Capability Using Your Smartphone or Tablet Without an App

Release Date: Friday, October 13, 2017

LENSEC developers have been hard at work behind the scenes to make Perspective VMS® fully functional in the HTML5 browser – even using your smart device. Now you may access all the features available in PVMS from your iPad or smartphone.

There is no need to install an app. Everything works in your browser on your smart device. Because PVMS is designed in HTML5, the security integrator and end-user can use any modern browser to monitor live video feeds, review archive footage, tag video, or share a view with another system user. Even advanced administration functions can be accomplished via secure remote access on the edge of the network. Perspective VMS® developers have not designed a VMS with a thick-client software to install. All system functions are accessible within the browser, though they are secured through a permissions-based login.

PVMS is the first video software to launch an HTML5 browser product for IP video surveillance. This powerful enterprise-level video management software operates as a thin-client alone. Try it out for yourself. We’ll provide you with access to our demo system, or you can try out PVMS for a 30-day free trial. Contact our sales team at LENSEC to find out more information.

If you’re interested in learning more about PVMS features, the Perspective VMS Features List is available on our website. Call us at (713) 395-0800 or email sales@lensec.com for a software demonstration

Perspective VMS® Product Page

LENSEC Launches PVMS Configuration Calculator

Online Calculator Design Tool Ideal For Calculating Bandwidth and Storage Capacity for Perspective VMS® Network Equipment

Release Date: Tuesday, October 10, 2017

LENSEC is launching our new Perspective VMS® configuration calculator. This is a great tool to find the right bandwidth and storage capacity for your network video servers and storage devices.

You may use the tool as you need, however we provide a custom login option for you so you can save your configuration, export info to a PDF file, or email the details to anyone. The configuration files can be edited later as needed.

We’ll also provide the number of servers you’ll need for a specific job. Additionally, LENSEC will recommend our part number for the PVMS server your configuration will require.

Our legacy bandwidth and storage calculator is still available on the website. However, this new tool will provide you with good information that is just right for your deployment design.

LENSEC Online Configuration Calculator

LENSEC Celebrates “World-Class” Customer Support Team

LENSEC’s Customer Support and Service Team Overcome Obstacles to Meet Customer Needs

Release Date: Wednesday, August 30, 2017

In the past year the LENSEC customer support team has faced numerous technical and logistical challenges, including new ownership, staff expansion, customer growth, and most recently, an historic hurricane. This knowledgeable and steadfast group has overcome these obstacles daily with professionalism and grace to close more support cases and provide its highest level of quality support in LENSEC’s 19-year history.

The support team consists of technical physical security experts located at our U.S. headquarters as well as global field locations. The team is graded on responsiveness, technical knowledge, solutions design, and customer retention. The 2016-2017 term was LENSEC’s most successful span by all customer support metrics when compared with previous years.

LENSEC offers customer services and support programs sustaining Perspective VMS®, an enterprise-class, video management software. Services include upgrade assistance, lifecycle management, hardware health remote monitoring, and comprehensive onsite engineering.

LENSEC benefits from tremendous product development, field testing, and quality control support by offices throughout the United States, Jordan, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Special commendation goes to our customer support team in the U.S. for uninterrupted customer service during the perilous events of Hurricane Harvey, which has been devastating to Houston.

Chief Product Officer, Jeff Kellick, praises the support team for a job well done in difficult circumstances. Due to flooding, our Houston-based support team and staff have been unable to drive to headquarters as the citywide emergency is underway.

Kellick says, “During this time, our support team has worked remotely from their homes to ensure customers’ security issues continue to be addressed and their video management systems maintained in operation. In my estimation, this is going above and beyond the call of duty. LENSEC’s support team has stepped up to the challenge. We’d like to offer our thanks for doing an excellent job when doing the job hasn’t been easy.”

Our entire team has pulled together during this challenging time. However, the leadership team at LENSEC wants to call out the following personnel for outstanding commitment to our customers and note their term employment:

LENSEC Operations & Customer Support Team

Ed Rister, Director of Operations – 2009
Nick Stigers, Sr. Systems Support Engineer – 2008
Larry McClelland, Sr. Tech Support Representative – 2004
Rodney Curvey, Tech Support Representative – 2015
Gilbert Bueno, Tech Support Representative – 2016
Suzanne Caruana, Tech Support Representative – 2017
Brad Womack, Sr. Systems Analyst – 2008

LENSEC Field Support Team

Dan Butler, Regional Director – 2007
Almen Didelija, Sr. Applications Engineer – 2003
Mike Fedor, Sr. Project Manager – 2000
Chris Dowell, Sr. Project Manager – 2001
Robert Diem, Field Service Technician – 2008
David Arellano, Field Service Technician – 2013
Marcial Torres, Project Manager – 2010

Please join LENSEC in recognizing this team’s world-class service. Contact your LENSEC customer support member directly or by email at support@lensec.com. Our offices are open weekdays 6 am to 6 pm central time, with 24/7 emergency on-call support offered.

LENSEC Support Team Press Release

LENSEC Partners with S3 Integration

S3I is an Authorized Reseller of Perspective VMS® in the Mid-Atlantic United States

Release Date: August 2, 2017

LENSEC is proud to announce a new partnership with S3 Integration (S3I). This VAR partner brings Perspective VMS® to the Mid-Atlantic market.

In 2004 S3 Integration, L.L.C. was founded as a customer service organization to provide high-end security integration systems and services for access control, video surveillance, intrusion & perimeter detection systems for large commercial applications.

S3 Integration is a relationship driven organization that provides comprehensive integrated security management systems and services. Professional services include a complete range of offerings allowing customer support in the planning, design, implementation, integration and maintenance of state of the art security systems. They also provide solutions to many other business operating applications.

S3I offers the power and experience of a large company and the agility, responsiveness and personal relationship of a small company. This unique combination allows S3I to provide the best of both worlds to customers who demand quality products and high performance services. S3I is an alliance of some of the industry’s most talented individuals combined with the most technologically advanced products available today. This high powered combination makes S3I one of the premier application solution providers in the country.

If you are interested in partnering with LENSEC as an integrator, security consultant, or technology partner, please get in touch with us by email or phone. We’d love to talk with you.

Contact LENSEC

LENSEC Announces BadgePass Integration with Perspective VMS®

PVMS Integrates BadgePass Access Manager

Release Date: August 1, 2017

LENSEC is pleased to be partnering with BadgePass for software integration. Our development team is incorporating key features of the BadgePass Access Manager software into Perspective VMS® in the next software release scheduled for August 2017. This software is important to ISG members that are planning to use both software products. It is also import to LENSEC as the integration will bring BadgePass features into PVMS. Users will be able to pull access control events into the VMS for monitoring and forensic investigation. In addition, Perspective VMS® will allow users to place doors onto maps and toggle door locks from the map interface.

LENSEC Chief Product Officer Jeff Kellick understands the importance of a strong partnership between BadgePass and LENSEC. Kellick says, “We will continue to look for future feature enhancements that are advantageous to BadgePass, LENSEC, and our joint partners.”

LENSEC has been a pioneer in the physical security industry, delivering an IP video management software in the early days of network convergence. In 1998, the company was founded and began developing software to stream security video via the internet. In 2011, LENSEC released the first version of Perspective VMS®. The software was built as an enterprise-level software and designed with an open architecture.

LENSEC has continued to build on the features offered to our customers. Listening to our partners allows us to glean best practices and adjust to incoming feature requests. This is a value LENSEC is committed to
continuing. Kellick says, “We get some of our best software features from requests that have come from our customers in the field. Perspective VMS® is a valuable asset because of the input we have received from our partners.”

BadgePass Access manager provides the ability to lockdown areas and doors with a full system including software, access control panels, readers, and locks. With this combination, security integrators will be able to bring a complete solution to their customers. The power of PVMS and BadgePass Access Manager combined give partners a tactical advantage in the physical security market.

You can get contact our sales team if you are interested using BadgePass and Perspective VMS® as part of a unified security platform for your physical security projects.

PVMS BadgePass News

LENSEC Wins Logic Supply’s Be An Extrovert Contest

Our Solar Solutions Chosen as a Creative Groundbreaking Solution Using 4G LTE

Release Date: July 25, 2017

LENSEC has been chosen by Logic Supply as a winner in the Be an Extrovert Contest. This is an event that seeks to find IoT innovators creating groundbreaking solutions using 4G LTE connectivity. LENSEC uses Logic Supply’s ruggedized, remotely-connected mini-PC to provide a solution to monitor and protect remote sites.

Logic Supply recently spoke with Almen Didelija, Senior Applications Engineer and physical security specialist at LENSEC. Almen shared details about the work the company is doing to monitor and protect vital equipment at remote work sites, and how Extrovert 4G-capable Logic Supply hardware will help their clients overcome the limitations of traditional networks.

Didelija says, “The fact that 4G LTE is built-in with the Logic Supply Extrovert solution was a key factor in our decision to use the DI-1000 PC. Previously, LENSEC had to use an external router which caused crowding in the enclosure and increased both power draw and heat buildup. This efficient Extrovert solution connects to the 4G LTE network to reliably deliver bandwidth-intensive streaming video. We’re also able to choose which LTE service provider best fits our needs for a particular customer location.”

Didelija adds, “The hardware pairs up well with Perspective VMS®, LENSEC’s enterprise-level video management software. PVMS can be access remotely to view live camera streams and review recorded video from the remote site. Advanced notification is available using software workflow tools.”

LENSEC uses Logic Supply hardware for remote surveillance installations at oil and natural gas well locations as well as parking lots with no existing infrastructure. Extrovert 4G enables remote camera access for live monitoring and forensic surveillance.

News Article

LENSEC Provides Customer Guidance for Security System Updates Following WannaCry & Persirai Cyber Attacks

Links Below for Microsoft & Micro Trend Recommendations

Release Date: May 15, 2017

Last week and over the weekend, hackers carried out a very large cyber attack that is affecting hundreds of thousands of computers in over 150 countries. The WannaCry ransom ware attack is being considered one of the largest the cyber community has ever seen.

Many LENSEC customers are concerned about the ransom ware attacks on their physical security systems. We share your concern and want to let you know how you can take measures to protect your systems from cyber attack.

This blog from Microsoft spells out the steps that you should take to stay protected. Microsoft is proving a security update for all customers to protect computers running the Windows platform, including Windows XP, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2003. According to Microsoft, the ransom ware attack is not affecting computers running Windows 10.

Microsoft WannaCry Security Info

The security of your systems is an important matter. In addition to the WannaCry ransomware attack, another threat has been detected. Trend Micro announced the discovery of a new IoT botnet called Persirai. This botnet is targeting over 1000 IP camera models. This is affecting approximately 122,000 individual IP cameras. 

Trend Micro is recommending that all users should change their default passwords as soon as possible and use a strong password for all of your IP cameras. In addition, users should disable UPnP on your routers to prevents devices within the network from opening ports to the external internet.

Micro Trend Persirai Botnet Security Info

As a policy, when LENSEC consults with end-users and security integrators, we do not recommend or use default passwords on any end-user systems or equipment.

LENSEC values our customers and will continue to provide recommendations for supporting the security of your physical security systems. If you have questions about installation or maintenance for Perspective VMS®, our customer support staff is available to help with your technical needs. 

For more information about technical support, take a look at our website.

LENSEC Technical Support

PHONE: (713) 395-0800 X1371

EMAIL: support@lensec.com

LENSEC Certified Partners Receive $25k Value in Software

Upon Certification, Partners Get 100 Free Perspective VMS® Licenses

Release Date: May 2, 2017

LENSEC is building a partner team around the world. In every major geographic region, LENSEC is pursuing security integrators to resell and deploy Perspective VMS® in their physical security projects. As part of this worldwide growth, the LENSEC team wants to make sure partners have the proper tools be successful.

As part of the certification program, LENSEC is giving away 100 free Perspective VMS® software licenses to partners who become certified. This is up to $25,000 in software licenses. Security integrators can use any version of PVMS – Enterprise, Standard, or Express editions.

The free Perspective VMS® licenses are available for use as long as the partner remains certified. Partner certification renews annually. This is a one-time offer for LENSEC partners.

A major piece of LENSEC’s certification program includes free sales and technical training. Training takes place various regional locations and occurs several times per year. The next PVMS training is scheduled for our Houston, TX headquarters. LENSEC’s Chief Product Officer, Jeff Kellick, will conduct training May 18-19, 2017. This event will be the first public showing of LENSEC’s new headquarters in Houston, TX.

Press Release

LENSEC Showcases Perspective VMS® v3.0 at ISC West 2017

LENSEC Will Participate in SIA’s New Product Showcase

Release Date: March 14, 2017

With the release of Perspective VMS® version 3.0, LENSEC is showcasing their enterprise-level video management software at ISC West 2017. Every year the Security Industry Association hosts the New Product Showcase during ISC West in Las Vegas Nevada. The event started in 1979 to recognize innovative products, services, and solutions in electronic physical security. As a member of SIA, LENSEC is proud to take part in the New Product Showcase this year.

LENSEC has redesigned their flagship product Perspective VMS®, building it exclusively on an HTML5 rich application. While HTML5 is the current standard for web development, it is uncommon to see security applications that achieve true enterprise status by leveraging the HTML5 development platform. This breaks ground in the physical security industry. PVMS allows security integrators and end-users to easily deploy and manage their security video via a thin-client application.

Press Release

University of Ha’il Keeps Students and Staff Safe at Three Campuses in Saudi Arabia Using LENSEC and Perspective VMS®

Case Study by LENSEC

RELEASE DATE: Marck 23, 2017

Administrators at the University of Ha’il (UoH) have an ongoing desire to provide a secure, safe environment for students on 3 campuses in north-western Saudi Arabia. Prior to deployment of the physical security project, UoH did not have any kind of physical security solution. The security department found it difficult to maintain any level of security or situational awareness on campus.

Administrators at University of Ha’il use Perspective VMS® by LENSEC to manage and monitor over 900 indoor and outdoor IP cameras. In addition, 150 biometric access control readers are deployed to monitor entrances and exits of several highly-equipped computer and science labs. The security devices are distributed between the education facilities and multi-story buildings. The data center has centralized storage servers capable of providing three months of surveillance data storage retention.

The partnership between LENSEC, Al-Wefaq Arabia for IT, and the University of Ha’il in KSA is providing success in meeting the security requirements set forth by the university. Campuses are secured by a unified security platform built on Perspective VMS®. This partnership, with PVMS at the system’s core, is keeping students and staff safe.

Case Study

LENSEC Announces Release of Perspective VMS® Version 3.0.0

PVMS is Redesigned With HTML5

Release Date: February 13, 2017

LENSEC is announcing a complete redesign of Perspective VMS®, an enterprise-level HTML5-based software delivering surveillance video and information to customers from IP cameras and physical security devices. Perspective VMS® Version 3.0.0 is a major software release built exclusively on an HTML5 rich application. HTML5 is the current standard for creating web pages and browser-based applications. PVMS leverages the browser language to enable live video streaming, forensic archive management, and flexible administration from one robust and scalable application.

Press Release

LENSEC Will Demonstrate Perspective VMS® at Intersec 2017

LENSEC representatives show new features of PVMS

Release Date: December 12, 2016

LENSEC, a pioneer in IP video surveillance software, is presenting new features available in their enterprise software, Perspective VMS®. LENSEC representatives will be in Dubai, UAE in January for Intersec 2017, an international trade show and conference for the security and safety industry. The team from LENSEC will demonstrate key features of PVMS. The exhibit will be at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center in Dubai, UAE January 22-24, 2017. The LENSEC team will be available to demonstrate PVMS and answer questions in Booth #S1-F25.

Press Release

LENSEC Describes How to Properly Plan Outdoor Surveillance Projects

Article from ASMAG.com

Release Date: October 20, 2016

Outdoor projects can be simple as hanging cameras on the outside of a building and routing cables internally to the network. However, the projects can also get complex very quickly.

In a recent webinar by LENSEC, Keith Harris, Marketing Manager of the company explained the processes involved in properly planning an outdoor surveillance project.

“Where do we start?” says Harris. “We start with the site survey. Talk is cheap and you can talk about a project all day long, but seeing the site location can speak volumes about the scope of the project and what actually needs to be done. Preplanning your project is helpful in order to understand priorities.”

News Article

LENSEC Names Jeff Kellick as Chief Product Officer

Kellick Provides Product Experience and Leadership to the VMS Manufacturer

Release Date: September 1, 2016

LENSEC, the manufacturer of Perspective VMS®, has recently named Jeff Kellick to the newly created position of Chief Product Officer. He is responsible for oversight of LENSEC’s products, software utilities, and development operations.
LENSEC recently announced plans to build their brand and portfolio into a strong global presence in the physical security industry. Assigning Kellick as the CPO is a key part of the overall plan. Under Kellick’s leadership, LENSEC continues to develop their flagship product, Perspective VMS®.

Press Release

LENSEC Opportunities Abound With New Ownership

JValley Software Solutions Assumes Ownership of VMS Manufacturer

RELEASE DATE: August 10, 2016

LENSEC, the manufacturer of Perspective VMS®, has recently been acquired by JValley Software Solutions. The companies have a long history of working together. JValley software engineers have worked on software code with the team at LENSEC for many years. The teams have been developing Perspective VMS® into an enterprise-level video management software for application in the IP security video market. JValley Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of LENSEC, Basheer F. Al Ghazawi, believes the companies have many strengths that will be built into a strong global presence in the physical security industry.

Press Release

Time-lapse Photography and Security Video in One Solution

Article from MicroAge

RELEASE DATE: May 26, 2016

When you build something exquisite, you want to share it with the world. The marketing team at a luxury automobile manufacturer knew the construction of a new manufacturing plant was a visual feat worth sharing. When they decided they wanted time-lapse photography of the build, they turned to their IT team.

The company’s senior IT manager and an IT systems engineer called on MicroAge.

MicroAge’s Jason Chinavare recommended LENSEC and Perspective VMS®.

News Article

Pflugerville Independent School District Overcomes Security Obstacles in an Enterprise Environment Using LENSEC & Perspective VMS®

Case Study by LENSEC

RELEASE DATE: December 15, 2015

LENSEC has partnered with Pflugerville Independent School District to provide a district-wide enterprise surveillance solution at more than 30 campuses in Central Texas.

LENSEC’s solution is built on an enterprise software called Perspective VMS®. PVMS is easily scaled for Pflugerville ISD’s security system. Easy to use features provide advanced capabilities and power that couldn’t be achieved in the district’s previous security solution.

In all, Pflugerville ISD now has over 2000 cameras streaming video managed by Perspective VMS®.

Case Study

Ottawa University Finds Security Surveillance Success with LENSEC and IQinVision IP Video Solution

Case Study by LENSEC

RELEASE DATE: October 21, 2014

Somewhat ahead of its time, Ottawa University had installed analog video cameras in its residence halls about 10 years ago. The number of cameras and available technology were limited.

The university had a long-standing relationship with the security integrator, Midwest Card and ID Solutions.

The security integration company introduced LENSEC’s IP video management software, Perspective VMS® and IQinVision megapixel camera technology to officials at the university.

Case Study

LENSEC Experts Interviewed for September Issue of Campus Safety and Security Sales & Integration Magazines

News Article by Security Sales & Integration

RELEASE DATE: September 10, 2014


The September issues of Campus Safety Magazine and Security Sales & Integration Magazine feature an article on security integration in schools. LENSEC’s Jeff Kellick, Jamie Bradford, & Keith Harris were interviewed by the magazine as experts in the field. The feature also includes a case study on Ottawa University featuring Mike Brimmer and Gary Williams from Midwest Card and ID Solutions.

News Article

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