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Use-Case: Property Management

By: Keith Harris Property managers have a difficult time keeping an eye on their locations when they have many buildings spread widely across a region. Managing security at these locations is even more challenging. A property management company in Colorado is using Perspective VMS® to help keep the security team aware of activity at these […]

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Reopening: What Do Schools Need To Consider?

By: Keith Harris QUESTIONS ABOUT REOPENING ARE IMPORTANT FOR SCHOOLS We all have questions about COVID-19 best practices when reopening businesses, bringing employees back to the office, and how we can best protect ourselves and those around us. School administrators have an especially tough job navigating the social-distancing culture we are now facing. The pandemic has […]

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Security Technology During A Pandemic

By: Keith Harris IMPROVING RESPONSE TO COVID-19 WITH APPROPRIATE PHYSICAL SECURITY TOOLS What a year 2020 has been. Everyone is seeing challenges. Whether business owners are implementing new cleaning protocols, developing social-distancing policies for the workplace, or learning how to approach their market in a new way, all are experiencing change at a rapid rate. The […]

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Safety in Faith-Based Organizations

By: Mark Wise Bad guys are constantly on the lookout for easy targets where getting caught seems a low risk. This includes places open to the public and minimally staffed. Unfortunately, centers of worship fit this profile and have therefore become centers of vandalism and theft. All is not lost. Experts in physical security are adept […]

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How Governments Govern.. Security

Conducting area-wide surveillance with authority is now within reach. by: Keith Harris State, local, and federal government agencies can benefit from the capabilities offered in Perspective VMS®. The LENSEC team of physical security engineers have experience to help government agencies with a wide variety of solutions. A noteworthy example is that of a municipality in Texas. […]

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USE CASE: Commercial Market – Multi-Site Facilities

By: Keith Harris Perspective VMS® includes the right tools for building an enterprise security infrastructure. In a commercial market application, sites across regional areas, or even global organizations, may remain linked under the same unified security platform. LENSEC physical security engineers provide recommendations for network architecture across a distributed multi-site deployment. PVMS includes Interlink, a tool […]

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USE CASE: Layers of Security

By: Keith Harris When you are evaluating a site and its surroundings for purposes of a security project deployment, it’s important to consider the layers of security around the location. The needs at a specific site can and will vary greatly depending on the project requirements. The idea of “layers of security” is simple and can […]

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Using Solar as a Power Source

Due to lack of electricity at a security deployment site, a solar solution may be optimal in some locations. In the US, everyone is experiencing extreme freezing weather.  Extreme cold, high winds, heavy rain, or even extreme heat, certain areas of the country can prove challenging to maintaining power for video cameras and field security […]

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CASE STUDY: Oil & Gas Solar Solution For Remote Deployment With Perspective VMS®

SCENARIO: Oil & Gas Remote Sites Many organizations find a need for security cameras in locations that do not provide standard IT infrastructure. For example, oil and gas company equipment at rural sites where well equipment is located might experience obstacles in monitoring the site. These sites do not provide standard infrastructure such as covered structures, electricity, and data […]

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