Perspective VMS® Downloads, Manuals, Guides

The team at LENSEC provides many resources here that you may want to review. We have downloads for Perspective VMS®, brochures, datasheets, product release notes, and much more. If you need assistance with any documentation you can’t find here, feel free to let us know by reaching out to our team.

PVMS Editions

Perspective VMS® Software Downloads

PVMS 4 Camera View - Action Panel

Perspective VMS® Software Downloads

LENSEC  sells PVMS software by the camera license. You may download the software for free by selecting the link below. You will need to generate a server key and request the licenses you need to enable the software. The PVMS License Activation request page details how you can generate a server key in the software. You will need to add the server key to your license activation request. The best way to do this is to copy and paste the server key into the request form. The instructions are available on the license activation page.

Issuing PVMS licenses is a manual process for LENSEC. Once you submit your request, our team will follow up with you once they are able to verify your information.

Please use PVMS Installation Manual, if needed. If you run into problems, please feel free to contact our LENSEC Customer Support Team for assistance.

PVMS v3.2.1 Download PVMS v2.7.3 Download

Perspective VMS® Document Downloads

Perspective VMS® Brochure

Perspective VMS® Sales Brochure

The Perspective VMS® sales brochure has information about the features of the software, PVMS edition comparison, and noteworthy highlights of LENSEC’s enterprise-level video management software.

PVMS Sales Brochure
Perspective VMS® Booklet 2017

Perspective VMS® Product Highlights Booklet

The Perspective VMS® product highlights booklet gives you a look at the various modules that are key to navigating the software. Take a deeper look at the main modules of PVMS.

  • Map Module
  • Camera Viewer Module
  • Archives Module
  • Administration Module
  • Training Module
  • Action Panel
PVMS Highlights Booklet
Perspective VMS® Product Datasheet 2017

Perspective VMS® Product Datasheet

The Perspective VMS® product datasheet outlines detailed software specifications for the product editions.

  • Perspective VMS® Enterprise Edition
  • Perspective VMS® Standard Edition
  • Perspective VMS® Express Edition
PVMS Product Datasheet
PVMS400 Appliance Server Datasheets

LENSEC PVMS400 Appliance Server – Product Datasheet

The PVMS400 appliance server hardware is purpose-built by Seneca Data for LENSEC and engineered for large surveillance deployments. With exceptional throughput performance, Perspective VMS® is pre-installed and configured for optimal functionality. There are six different types of server available with storage capacity up to 240TB.

PVMS400 Server Styles

  • Tower (4 HDD Bay or 8 HDD Bay)
  • 2U Rackmount 4 HDD Bay
  • 2U Rackmount 8 HDD Bay
  • 2U Rackmount 12 HDD Bay
  • 3U Rackmount 16 HDD Bay
  • 4U Rackmount 24 HDD Bay
PVMS400 TOWER Datasheet PVMS400 2U 4B Datasheet PVMS400 2U 8B Datasheet PVMS400 2U 12B Datasheet PVMS400 3U 16B Datasheet PVMS400 4U 24B Datasheet
LENSEC Solar Solution with Perspective VMS®

LENSEC Solar Solution with Perspective VMS® – Product Datasheet

LENSEC is providing a solution for physical security projects at remote locations with little to no infrastructure. Many companies find a need for security cameras at these sites, though they have no standard network capabilities or utilities to support long-term deployment. Oil and gas well sites and parking lots are examples of areas using LENSEC’s solar solution running Perspective VMS® to monitor remote sites within a unified security platform.

LENSEC solution engineers have selected ruggedized servers, solar panels and controllers, along with other rugged components that can be combined to provide a complete solution, including an option that includes 4G LTE communication to deliver video and data to the head-end location.

Users now have the ability to remotely access live video, recorded video, and receive notifications when activity is detected at the site. This means less equipment theft and vandalism, less need for staff to travel site-to-site, and quicker response time to unauthorized site access due to better monitoring and forensic investigation of events as they occur.

LENSEC Solar Solution Datasheet
PVMS Features List v2.6.0

Perspective VMS® Features List (Version 3.2.0)

The Perspective VMS® product features list outlines detailed software features for the product editions.

  • Perspective VMS® Enterprise Edition
  • Perspective VMS® Standard Edition
  • Perspective VMS® Express Edition
PVMS Features List
PVMS Release Notes v3.0.1

Perspective VMS® Product Release Notes (Version 3.2.0)

The Perspective VMS® product release notes for version 3.2.0 detail landmark features available in the software. The original release date for PVMS is November 2011. It has been through dozens of product generations to the current date. Prior version release notes are included in subsections of the document.

Perspective VMS™ Product Evolution & Roadmap History

Perspective VMS® Product Evolution and Roadmap History

LENSEC developed the Perspective VMS® product line to follow its longstanding successful video management software, LENSEC VMS. Perspective VMS® was introduced in the fall of 2011 with Version 1.0.0 at the 2011 ASIS (American Society for Industrial Security) International Seminar and Exhibits Conference in Orlando, Florida.

The timeline of installations from PVMS v1.0.0 to the current release is listed in the attached document with hyperlinks to corresponding release notes.

PVMS Evolution & Roadmap
Perspective VMS User's Manual

Perspective VMS® User’s Manual

This online user’s manual is regularly updated with current information about Perspective VMS® software. The guide provides a walk-through of the operational features and controls within the PVMS application. The guide will demonstrate the basics of the software as well as show each module and component. The manual also offers a tutorial section on common tasks, features, and how-to-guides for operators.

PVMS User's Guide
PVMS Installation Reference Guide v2.7.3

Perspective VMS® Installation Reference Manual (Version 3.2.0)

The PVMS installation reference manual reviews how to install Perspective VMS® (Web Server and/or Distributed Services) on various operating systems.

PVMS Installation Reference
PVMS Supported Cameras List

Perspective VMS® Supported Cameras (Version 3.1.0)

The PVMS supported cameras list details cameras that are currently supported within the software. Perspective VMS® supports on open-architecture camera model configuration.

PVMS Supported Cameras
Perspective VMS® A&E Specification - v3.x

Perspective VMS® Architectural and Engineering Guide (Version 3.2.0)

This Architectural and Engineering Guide was created and designed as a specification resource for consultants, A&E firms and end-users that are designing and building a Request For Proposal for project bid-submission. The Guide is also a resource to assist in determining feature sets and requirements for systems and deployments of Perspective VMS®.

PVMS A&E Specification

Perspective VMS® Training

Installation / Administration / Operations

PVMS Tutorial

The PVMS tutorial provides a walk-through tutorial for a better understanding of the software. This tool supplements the user’s guide and quick reference material. This online training tool is accessible from within the Perspective VMS® interface.

PVMS Tutorials
Perspective VMS™ Training Manual - Version 3.x

This training manual was designed for Perspective VMS® Version 3.x. Topics covered include, user interface interaction and system administration.

PVMS Training Manual - v3.x
PVMS Technical Training Brief v3.0

This training program overview was designed to provide a brief overview of what items can be expected to be covered from our Technical Training course catalog for Perspective VMS® v3.x.

PVMS Training Brief v3.x