LENSEC Technology Partners

LENSEC Partners With Companies Providing Software and Hardware Components

LENSEC’s Perspective VMS™ software operates as an open platform using various Common-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) components, including network camera technologies and visual sensing devices.

Network (or IP) cameras can communicate using standard Ethernet cable over a traditional TCP/IP Local or Wide Area Network and are an increasingly common and inexpensive component. These cameras provide a high degree of standardization for new installations and/or incremental security upgrades.

Whether you have all IP cameras, legacy analog cameras, or a combination of the two, LENSEC’s Perspective VMS™ can provide a common operating interface for viewing, interacting with, or archiving for longer term storage and forensic investigations.

LENSEC recognizes the following IP camera technologies and standards as leaders in the industry. For more information on camera products or to contact a LENSEC partner or design engineer, please contact us today.

Acti Corporation Cameras

ACTi Corporation Cameras

ACTi offers a wide range of IP cameras, including PTZ, dome, bullet, and box cameras up to 12MP.

Agent VI – Video Analytics

Agent VI offers cutting-edge video analytics technology based on patented open architecture.

Axis Communications Cameras

Axis Communications manufactures IP cameras for security and video surveillance. LENSEC is an Axis Gold Partner.

Dell EMC Corporation

Dell EMC Corporation – Data Storage

Dell EMC sells data storage and other products, enabling businesses to store, manage, and protect data. Perspective VMS is validated by Dell EMC for their products:
Dell EMC – PVMS Functional Verification Guide
Dell EMC – PVMS Configuration Guide
Dell EMC – PVMS Sizing Guide

Galaxy Control Systems

Galaxy Control Systems – Access Control

Galaxy Control Systems is a global leader in the access control industry.

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation – Software

Microsoft is the leading global software manufacturer. They provide software and operating environments for programs of all types.

ONVIF - Open Network Video Interface Forum

ONVIF – Open Network Interface Forum

The IP-based security standard

 Panasonic Security Cameras

Panasonic Security – Cameras

Panasonic Security offers a large lineup of IP cameras that are suitable for physical security projects.

Quantum Corporation

Quantum Corporation


Quantum works closely with our Technology Partners to deliver proven joint solutions based on our award-winning scale-out storage, archive, and data protection portfolio. Together, we create rock-solid solutions for today’s most demanding environments.

Seneca Data

Seneca Data – Server Hardware

Engineer, production, and distribution of outstanding professional computing solutions for security environments.

Sony - Security Cameras

Sony – Security Cameras

Sony, a global leader in electronics, also manufactures a line of highly capable IP cameras.

Vicon – IQeye Cameras

Vicon Industries is the experienced designer and manufacturer of IQeye security cameras.

Vivotek Cameras

Vivotek – Security Cameras

Vivotek is a leading global brand in the security industry, delivering world-class IP cameras.